Veterinary Storage Solutions, Part 2

You asked for it, you got it!! My previous post, veterinary storage solutions, has been wildly helpful and popular so I wanted to create a second post to showcase helpful storage & design ideas and solutions. Check out some of my favorite veterinary pharmacy organization and storage ideas & inspiration.

As I have discussed before, an organized central storage is essential for a high-functioning inventory system. It is helpful for:

  • team members to find items easily, reducing over-ordering and frustrations
  • keeping indirect costs to a minimum
  • having a security system in place for overstock, or high-value items
  • reducing inventory costs
  • plus, organization is never a bad idea!

During the post, I got completely lost in DVM360’s Design Center– it has some incredibly beautiful hospitals with some wonderful ideas. I recommended checking them out. Also, one of my favorite snow day (or every day!) activities include Pinterest- I’m always adding new pins and ideas, so feel free to follow me there!

I would LOVE to see some of your favorite ideas, designs, or innovations in your hospital – send them my way, and I will feature your hospital!

Please note, if you are looking for more information regarding storage and a guide for prescription diets, check out the unofficial guide here!

Veterinary Pharmacy Organization Inspiration

  • Pass-through Surgical Storage
  • Northpaws Veterinary Center
  • Great Feline Friendly Room!
  • An adorable lobby & retail display!
  • Excellent Round Bed Storage
  • Pull Out Plastic Drawers
  • GREAT storage options (includes bins)
  • Wheeled Metal Storage Rack with Bins
  • Medical Storage Cabinet
  • Adorable Retail Display
  • Plastic Storage Bins
  • Anderson Veterinary Clinic
  • Lobby Design - Love the Chalkboard
  • Magnetic Strip for Instrument Storage
  • Central Housekeeping
  • Cat Boarding Inspiration
  • Tilt View Storage Bins
  • Beautiful treatment area
  • Storage Bins
  • An adorable lobby & retail display!
  • Emergency Drug Storage
  • Surgical Suite Organization
  • Blanket Warmer
  • Central / Food Storage
  • Mt. Diablo Veterinary Medical Center
  • Gorgeous Treatment Area
  • Patient Storage Cubbys
  • Crash Cart Set-Up
  • Reception Desk Organization
  • Veterinary Surgical Suite Design
  • Oxygen Cage Set Up
  • Mobile Truck Storage
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