My Favorite Veterinary Storage Solutions

One of my favorite parts about managing inventory is the infinite possibilities for organization, storage, and space utilization. The options are endless; new and improved central storage, clearly defined treatment and exam room doors and using simple solutions for all of the clutter that tends to happen. There are many advantages to having a well organized, tidy central storage and treatment areas. Here’s what we can gain from clearly defined inventory areas:

  • When areas of storage are organized, you can see exactly what you have in stock so it limits over-ordering
  • It allows for sufficient stocking of exam rooms and treatment areas
  • In cases of emergencies or urgent treatments, the veterinary care team can find what they need, when they need it.

Here are some of my favorite veterinary storage solutions from around the country! If you have any of your favorites you want to add, email us your submission and we’ll add it!

My Favorite Storage Solutions

  • Mobile Vehicle Storage Option
  • Central Storage Organization
  • Emergency Drug Organization
  • Spray Bottle Organization
  • Food Storage
  • Treatment Area Storage
  • Kennel Door Storage
  • Human Hospital Central Storage
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • Intravenous Pump Storage
  • Fluid Bag Storage
  • Dental Area Organization
  • Treatment Counter Organization
  • Cord Organization
  • Treatment Room Set Up
  • Anesthesia Storage Room
  • Cuff Storage
  • Surgical & Radiology Suite
  • Laundry Organization
  • E-Collar Organizer
  • Storage Bins
  • Supply Cabinets
  • Sterilization Pouch Dispenser
  • Drawer Storage
  • Hospital Supplies Storage
  • Treatment Area Organization
  • Treatment Area Organization
  • Surgical Suite
  • Endotracheal Tube Holder
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