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Are you willing to leave tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue on the table in mismanaged inventory?

Owning a veterinary practice can be challenging. Losing money makes it even worse.

Your practice is capable of so much more.

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It’s never too late to have the practice of your dreams.

I know what it feels like to be in over your head – to question, to wonder, and to feel lost. No one should feel unsure if they are successfully managing their practice. I realized it is less about getting more things done, but all about getting the right things done.

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“Nicole was exceptionally helpful and full of knowledge. She got our practice on the right path to have our COGS under 16%. We have a rapidly growing practice and were desperate to have systems in place to make our lives better and overall the practice. I would highly recommend Veterinary Care Logistics. Nicole will definitely make your practice more profitable as numbers don’t lie.”

Nicole G.

Red Hills Veterinary Hospital

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How the transformation happens:

Step One

Schedule a Consultation

During the consultation, we’ll review your hospital information and find out what is working, and what’s not.

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Step Two

I’ll analyze and create a treatment plan

During this step, I’ll review and analyze lots of data, your hospital processes, and find out more from your team members. With all of this information, I’ll compile a customized treatment plan.

Step Three

Let’s execute the plan together

This is my favorite step! This is where we actually implement some exciting changes, train hospital staff, and start to develop a culture where veterinary inventory management thrives.

Step Four

The Follow Up

After the in-hospital work has been completed, you’ll still get plenty of support from me! I’ll evaluate your inventory on a regular basis to ensure everything is operating efficiently and profitably. Additionally, I’ll answer any questions or help with any troubleshooting.

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