For the overwhelmed veterinary professional. Reduce both your inventory costs and your stress, so you can get back to making a paw-sitive impact.

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Take Control of  Your Inventory with Confidence

Inventory Consulting for Veterinarians

If you’re struggling with self-doubt or feeling like you’re barely treading water with your inventory, trust us on this: you are not alone. 

We hear it all the time:

“Managing inventory never works.” 
“It's too complicated.” 
“There's no point to it.”
“It's just not worth it.”

But if working with thousands of veterinary professionals has taught us anything it’s that the exact opposite is true. 

You can establish a smooth-running inventory system and it has the potential to change your life and your practice.

Yes, it might feel beyond overwhelming and like there's no way through it. But there always is. Together, we’ll uncomplicate inventory for you.


You shouldn’t have to feel a pit in your stomach every time you think about ordering. You shouldn’t have to physically look at 600 items every day. You're not meant to run in circles daily. 

You are meant to thrive.


Total Transformations

Total Transformations

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- Erika

I just wanted to thank you. I got our cost of goods down from

31% to 21% in February & down to 17% in March.

Thank you so much for all the guidance you give. This afforded everyone in the clinic to get a nice raise.

- Dr. Sylvia Hewitt, DVM

Working with Nicole has made a difference in our office and how we view business. With the changes implemented and her suggestions, we have successfully lowered our cost of goods by 

15% (saving over $300,000 per year and counting.)

We feel eager to keep moving forward, look forward to improvements, and no longer fear changes. Our office has been transformed.

- Courtney with Sleeping Giant Animal Clinic

The hands on, one-on-one support from Nicole was key. She came into my clinic and looked at my particular situation and made custom recommendations to help with my problems. Others have only made broad, "here's how you do it" recommendations. Because of this...

our COGS is down from 26% to 18.5%!

We feel more efficient, organized, and actually have effective use of our money!


Our Signature Transformation

1:1 Consulting: Hospital Visit + Complete Overhaul

Whether you are a private practice or a practice group looking for enterprise-level solutions, we have hospital visit packages to fit your needs. You’ll get an audit + analysis of current inventory and system, evaluation for success, an action plan, and implementation of your customized step-by-step process. 


hours of inventory training webinars taught


inventory managers welcomed into the Veterinary Inventory Strategy Network


controlled substance log booklets sold in all 50 states


dollars saved by our clients per year in inventory costs


reorganized central storages and prescription diet rooms

Our Services

Remote Cohort Consulting

Most popular with corporate groups of 20+ locations/practices

After your initial consultation, we’ll walk your inventory managers through personalized practice management system training and each step of your customized action plan in group coaching calls over the next six months. 

1:1 Consultations

Our signature offering - both Do-It-Yourself and Done-With-You options available

Whether you want our help a lot or a little, we’ll give you the support, training, and strategies you need to get confident in both your inventory processes and your abilities.

VISN Membership + Monthly Training

Exclusive Platinum VISN membership - only open twice annually

Get more than access to a growing community of over 1,000 other Veterinary Inventory Managers. Each month, for less than the price of one exam fee, you'll receive a hands-on workshop on key inventory processes, a 1:1 coaching session, new inventory training videos, and so much more!

Our Sustainability Promise
Our mission

Our Mission

At VCL, we help veterinarians and inventory managers develop the strategies they need to reduce inventory costs, streamline processes, and, most importantly, eliminate overwhelm.

We’ve seen all sorts of situations and we’ve never once backed down from a challenge. Every single one we approach with empathy and wholehearted support. 

Our diverse clientele includes national & regional corporations such as MWI Animal Health and Covetrus, hospital groups, and private veterinary hospitals all across the United States. 

We have set up customized inventory management strategies for every size of practice. Whether we’re working with single veterinarian practices in rural areas to 100+ veterinarian specialty centers in the heart of a metropolitan area, we always treat it like it’s our own. 

About us
Our Sustainability Promise
Our Services

Our Sustainability Promise

Every purchase of our products or services means giving back to environmental nonprofits. We promise to leave our planet a little bit better than we found it.

To do our part to make a difference in the world, we give back to trusted environmental organizations with each purchase of our products or services.

Logbooks: For every logbook sold, we plant 1 tree through One Tree Planted and donate 5% of the total purchase to coral reef restoration/ marine conservation. 
Consulting Services: For our consulting clients, we plant 50 trees through One Tree Planted and donate a portion of the proceeds to coral reef restoration or marine conservation.

One Tree Planted

Coral Restoration Foundation

proudly Partnered with:

Mission Blue

Hawai'i Wildlife Fund

Our mission

Our Services

When I entered inventory management, I was trained with the "shake a bottle and when it feels low, order it" system. (Sound familiar?) But I decided there had to be a better way. Then I created it.

Since 2017, I’ve helped thousands of veterinary practices across the country develop effective inventory strategies that allow them to excel and provide a gold standard level of care. 

Nicole Clausen

Founder of veterinary care logistics and lead nerD of inventory management systems

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