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Veterinary Inventory Strategy Network (VISN)

We’re the virtual neighborhood for inventory managers and veterinary professionals looking for inventory education and to feel a little less alone.

The VISN community is your go-to for the support and resources you need to help your inventory strategy thrive

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It’s an expertly curated place to connect, discuss, grow, and learn with other inventory managers. Whether you are constantly worrying about running out of things, dealing with expired products, or trying to find a way to stop the Avimark nightmares that wake you in the middle of the night, you’ll find the help you need inside our friendly and supportive community. 

If you’re in charge of inventory for a veterinarian practice, Veterinary Inventory Strategy Network is the private network created just for you

our members have learned that...

Managing inventory doesn't have to be a daily struggle

You can learn what to do and how to do it

Inventory confidence is possible and freeing

- Nicole H.

I absolutely love my VISN community! The VISN platform is easy to use and has everything you need to help you successfully manage your clinic's inventory. My personal favorite is the discussion board where members can respond directly to your questions. You can also search by topics like inventory organization or controlled substances. I can't imagine being an inventory manager without this valuable resource!

- Shelly C.

I would 110% recommend Nicole Clausen and the VISN to everyone who does inventory! If you're a seasoned vet or just hired yesterday there is plenty to learn. The fee is small considering the amount of interaction and assistance you receive. I have reached out to Nicole in a pinch and she never fails to lend a hand quickly and with a smile! The mobile app makes staying connected easy! There are plenty of educational videos, chats, and Facebook live sessions that even if you miss them you can rewatch to get all the good tid bits of info! If you're on the fence about joining this wonderful group I would say join. You definitely won't regret it!

- Jessica R.

I highly recommend the Platinum membership. There are numerous resources available. The stage progression is a great way to measure your progress. The VISN community is the best resource. There are so many people who have different experiences and perspectives to share. Joining this group helped me take my inventory management knowledge and strategy to the next level.

- Jordan H.

VISN is exactly what I needed! It can be lonely out here in the veterinary inventory world and there isn’t much information you can find to help you succeed. Not only does VISN help you connect with others in similar roles as yours, but also helps you understand inventory on a whole new level. This platform has made me become a more confident and all-around better Inventory Director for our companies. I am so thankful to have found VISN!

- Kim B.

Joining VISN as a general member was a great decision, but joining as a platinum member was even better! This is such a great group of people who are always willing to help, and give what advice they can. Whether you are a newbie to inventory or have been doing it for years there is always something new you can learn. The perks of having access to additional webinars, one on one sessions, and the monthly coffee and conversation are well worth the membership fee! I would highly recommend convincing your boss that they should get you the upgraded platinum membership, the information learned can definitely turn into profit for your clinic!

- Tim G.

The benefits from the platinum membership are totally worth it. The inventory 101 course is so helpful for those new to inventory management and even to those who have been managing it for a while. The expanded list of groups you get access to with the platinum membership is awesome as well. The monthly success kits are my personal favorite. They help keep me on track with goals I already have and help me set new ones to be successful with my practice's inventory.



 Monthly Cost

It’s FREE to join VISN! Even upgrading to a Platinum membership (which gives you access to even more training) is less than the cost of one office visit each month.

Group + 1:1 Support

Finally, you’ve found a place where everyone understands what you’re going through when it comes to inventory. 


 Monthly Content Drops

Educational opportunities are available each month! From webinars and workbooks, to live Q&A sessions - you’ll never run out of new content to binge!

VISN FREE Membership


Access to a supportive community of 1,300+ other inventory managers

Monthly webinars from special guest speakers within the industry



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VISN Platinum Memberships

For less than one office visit every month, you can join a community filled with professionals just like you working together to transform your inventory. 


• New topics each month (ie. controlled substances, reducing your COGS, online pharmacies, etc) 

• Twice-monthly inventory training webinars 

• Hands-on workshops

• Monthly group coaching calls

• Inventory report reviews & feedback

• A Success Kit with guides, PDFs, spreadsheets, and action steps

• Planner templates with cycle count schedules and other inventory tasks outlined

• Access to an extensive video and course library

•A State Law Resource Center with all state laws and regulations in one place

• Plus so much more!

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