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resources & Education For inventory managers who need help, but don’t know where to start.

Know exactly what to order and when to order it 

Confidently have exactly what you need on hand at all times

Experience the joy of knowing helping your practice to excel with well-organized inventory

If you find yourself saying, “no one trained me for this...” You’re not alone. We've made it possible to...

Meet Your Teacher

Nicole Clausen, CSSGB, CCFP
Owner & Founder of Veterinary Care Logistics

Nicole has spent 14+ years in the veterinary industry and for 4+ years helping hundreds of veterinary professionals just like you establish and develop inventory strategies to reduce their inventory costs, streamline their processes, and reduce their sense of overwhelm.

My  greatest joy comes from watching inventory managers have “light bulb” moments where I have helped them understand their true power and potential.

Nicole's Story

- Nicole 


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Resource & Education Library

Your multidimensional inventory MBA for creating an inventory ecosystem and becoming a thriving veterinary practice leader.

Through a combination of pre-recorded video lessons geared towards action, resources, and community engagement, you’ll strengthen your competency in key areas of inventory management, and earn the gold-standard of certifications for inventory professionals.

Veterinary Inventory Professional Certification Program

Surefire Strategies for Standing Up to Backorders

This free guide will give you inspiration (and real-life examples) to help you up-level your backorder game.

Backorders Guide

The Ultimate Guide on How to Not Run Out of Anything

This free PDF strategy guide will help to reduce your inventory overwhelm and finally stop running out of items!

Guide to Not Running Out

5 problems with inventory and how to solve them

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your guide to delegating inventory management tasks

This free PDF strategy guide will help to free up time and focus on your most critical tasks by delegating to other team members!

Guide to Delegating Your Inventory

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Your roadmap to success as a new inventory manager! It’s time to stop trekking alone in the “inventory wilderness” and start feeling confident in your new role. 

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The Initial Inventory Expedition


Inventory System Deep Dive (and Ranger Tank) will walk you through setting up your systems so you can confidently manage your inventory without feeling like there's a constant hurricane of stress on the horizon.

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Inventory System Deep Dive

The step-by-step blueprint for inventory managers needing an immediate dose of knowledge, strategy, and confidence in their inventory

The Inventory 911 Toolkit isn’t your average online course! It’s made up of bite-size lessons because we know your time is valuable and in short supply. 

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Inventory 911 Toolkit

a weekly podcast where we talk about all things veterinary inventory 

The Inventory Nation Podcast

with Nicole Clausen

Listen in
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