Your multidimensional inventory MBA for creating an inventory ecosystem and stepping into your role as a thriving veterinary practice leader.


Certified Veterinary Inventory Professional


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introducing the

If you’re nodding your head “yes”, trust me, you’re not alone. 
I get it. And there’s a better way.

Let me guess,
you love and value your work as a veterinary inventory professional. 
But the thriving part? That part you haven’t quite figured out how to master.

You’re tired of…

Going to grab something and realizing no one pulled the reorder tags (or worse, left it lying on the shelf!)

Always being on-call 24/7 because things can’t seem to run smoothly without you (vacation time? HA! Good one)

Setting aside time for managing inventory that never gets honored or respected (rinse, repeat)

Feeling discouraged at the end of every month when your costs are somehow mysteriously still too high

I’m Nicole Clausen, veterinary consultant and OG inventory expert, and I’ve been exactly where you are.

Pour yourself something sweet and grab your notebook, 
we’ve got big moves to make. 

mind pouring me one too while you’re at it?

When I entered inventory management, I was trained with the "shake a bottle and order more when it feels low" method (you know the one). Burnt out and overwhelmed, party of one! The more time I spent struggling with inventory, the more I became convinced there had to be a better way. Was I the only one running around like a madwoman, trying to keep the wheel from falling off the bus while driving it?!

When I learned everything I could and started to develop my own systems, I began to learn the right moves to make the shift from reactionary ordering to strategic ordering. I realized, “I cracked the code! I can do this!” (spoiler alert: you can, too.) I eventually realized that I couldn’t keep these inventory systems all to myself and other veterinary professionals could benefit.

I founded my consulting business, Veterinary Care Logistics in 2017 and I realized quickly that it wasn’t just me who had challenges managing inventory. Since then, I’ve helped thousands of struggling veterinary practices across the country develop effective inventory strategies that allow them to streamline their systems and save hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. Still, clients kept telling me they wanted more comprehensive educational resources to position themselves as the hero of their practice, and a clear path to official certification. 

And that’s exactly why I created (drum roll please)...

Certified Veterinary Inventory Professional®


Your multidimensional inventory MBA for creating an inventory ecosystem that actually works and stepping into your role as a thriving veterinary practice leader.

Whether you’re an inventory manager, practice manager, or practice owner, this is the go-to program to teach you everything you need to know to stand out and excel in your practice and finally have control over your inventory. (And not the other way around.) Not only will it equip you with the frameworks, support, and accountability you need to enhance your inventory management skills and deepen your confidence as a leader, but it will also teach you exactly how to create the systems and processes needed to adapt, pivot, and handle whatever challenges come your way—and they always will!

Through a combination of pre-recorded video lessons geared towards action, resources, and community engagement, you’ll strengthen your competency in key areas of inventory management, and after certification process and capstone project completion, earn the gold-standard of certifications for inventory professionals...

This is your invitation to move from struggling manager on the fast track to burnout to thriving inventory leader. You ready?

Unlike other courses destined to collect digital dust on your desktop (you know, the ones filled with generic articles to read and videos to watch), CVIP is your step-by-step roadmap to take action, create processes and systems that work in your practice, and make PROGRESS towards your goals.

or, put simply,

Here’s what you’ll get when you enroll:


Pre-recorded video lessons on a wide range of key inventory topics (all are under 12 minutes—perfect for lunch break learning!)

A library of corresponding resources such as PDF workbooks, templates, spreadsheets/calculators, and communication scripts to put what you learn into practice

Access to the Veterinary Inventory Strategy Network community, a space for fellow industry professionals to connect and support one another

A certification upon completion of the program that will enhance your professional expertise, boost your resume, and solidify your confidence

be the inventory hero you were meant
To be but didn’t know how to unlock


The course includes 7 pillars, each with several modules and short, actionable lessons, and a final capstone project:

Here’s what’s waiting for you on the other side of that ‘Purchase’ button

What You’ll Learn

Getting Started on the Road to CVIP

First, you’ll get familiar with the program, the structure, and the layout. Next, we’ll dive into different lean management techniques and processes for creating, improving, and maintaining systems in your inventory. This module will also outline several diagnostic tools that you can use in your inventory to uncover areas of opportunity. Then, based upon your biggest challenges, it will walk you through prep work and provide a roadmap of the recommended pillars to start with! 

Numeracy Narwhal

Next, you’ll get completely comfortable with any and all reports (profit and loss statements, practice management system reports, etc.), income/expense ratios, profit centers, key performance indicators, formulas, and creating budgets. Then, we’ll walk through creating processes and frameworks for implementing these concepts in your practice.

Pricing Panda

Learn how to optimize your pricing strategy, and price your inventory and services for a new era of veterinary medicine. In this module, you’ll also learn how to examine your revenue creation versus expense management, negotiate and build relationships with vendors, limit missed charges and discounts, and fix revenue leaks like a pro. Throughout the lessons, you will practice calculating formulas, creating and developing processes for your hospital, and integrating these concepts into your unique practice.

Inventory Iguana

In this pillar of the program, you will review various key concepts of inventory management. We’ll go far and beyond just order replenishment to ensure a profitable, resilient, functional inventory system. You’ll do this by creating sustainable systems so that these principles can be applied and implemented into your unique practice, with support and guidance at every step of the way.

Self-Led Snow Leopard

This set of modules is all about YOU! You’ll learn how to optimize your own self-management and schedule, and develop strategies for self-care and stress management. Ultimately, this module will focus on developing your confidence and internal leadership skills as an inventory manager. 

Teamwork Timberwolf

Next, you’ll focus on building your interpersonal and leadership skills for your inventory team. You’ll walk away with scripts, conversation frameworks, and confidence to communicate effectively with your team. Additionally, you’ll learn how to delegate your inventory and build an inventory team. 

Disaster Deer

Lastly, we’ll focus on creating action plans, processes, and systems, so if something goes wrong, changes, or pivots in any way, you’ll be ready to effectively adapt (no more wheels coming off the bus!). This module will really focus on building resilient inventory systems, so that no matter what’s going on in your practice, you can adapt and thrive. Goodbye survival mode!

Because this is about so much more than staying on top of spreadsheets and ordering!

Managing inventory isn’t just place a random order in between appointments, it’s a crucial aspect of managing your practice that allows patient care to thrive. One where you are valued and recognized for the amazing contributions to your practice. One where streamlining your inventory and reducing your inventory costs leaves a lasting legacy on your practice.

This is more than just a course or a certification — this is a movement.

- a CVIP graduate

What you’ll learn is important, but so is how you’ll grow!

By the time you finish this course, you will…

Feel comfortable advocating for yourself and the decisions you make

Know how to diagnose problems in your inventory and adapt, pivot, and implement as needed

Learn how to identify and eliminate waste and inefficiencies to save money and time

Be able to delegate different parts of the system/process to your team members

Cultivate greater self-awareness, communication skills, and trust with yourself and your team

View inventory management as an ecosystem and supportive framework for running and operating your practice 

Set healthy boundaries around your work (and finally take that vacation!)

Learn how to adapt and pivot in real time, not just in an educational vacuum

…and so much more!

- CVIP Graduate

- CVIP Graduate's Supervisor

""Being able to further breakdown what my inventory is doing and how it financially effects our practice has been eye opening to say the least. We have been able to reduce our inventory costs significantly this year and are hoping that we can provide more fun and rewarding activities for our staff members with all the costs we have saved!"

""After giving guidance and tools to support, he has improved our COGS and elevated our ability to track inventory within our PMS, which I did not have the time or opportunity to do. It has significantly improved our efficiencies in reporting our end of quarter and annual inventory numbers."


see more!

- Amanda G., RVT, CVIP

I love the completeness of the course. It addresses everything from the ordering process, organization, mindsets and self care. Very balanced and well thought through. Coming into this role, I had a good idea of what it entailed but did not have a clear understanding of what it should be. This course provided that and much more. Now I can take what I learned here and make a clear path for the next inventory manager in line. Finally, I don't particularly enjoy mathing (lol) but the cheat sheets and formulas were easy to implement and took the misery out of the process.


- Bree, CVIP

"This program has been a godsend. I have learned so much and just feel so empowered to really get our inventory to the "sweet" spot. I feel like I have gotten so many tools to work with that help me to tackle all of the challenges inventory management can throw at me. I am still working on some organizational aspects but am excited with the results so far. I think that taking this class prior to us purchasing a second location is really going to be a blessing."


- Dr. Sylvia Hewitt, DVM, Practice Owner

We came to realize after analysis of past invoicing and sales that part of our inventory was indeed walking away. By establishing inventory and tracking it, everyone in the office was made aware of the importance of proper invoicing and charges, as well as new measures implemented for security purposes…When I look at where we were 6 months ago and where we stand today, I feel relieved, in control of my office, disbelief for all that was accomplished in that short period of time, but mostly regretful I did not do this sooner. Working with Nicole has made an impactful difference in our office and how we view business. With the changes implemented, we have successfully lowered our COGS 15%, and counting. We feel eager to keep moving forward, look forward to improvements, and no longer fear changes. Our office has been transformed.


Payment Plan

$297 x 6        $427 x 4

  • 7 Learning Pillars with no-fluff, actionable lessons

  • A robust library of PDF workbooks, spreadsheets, calculators, and other resources

  • A certification upon completion of  the program, a final capstone project, and assessment

  • Offers 34 hours of RACE-approved continuing education.

  • BONUS: A physical VIP goodie box will be mailed to you
  • 7 Learning Pillars with no-fluff, actionable lessons

  • A robust library of PDF workbooks, spreadsheets, calculators, and other resources

  • Access to the Veterinary Inventory Strategy Network

  • A certification upon completion of  the program, a final capstone project, and assessment

  • Offers 34 hours of RACE-approved continuing education.

  • BONUS: A physical VIP goodie box will be mailed to you


I'm ready!


One-Time Payment


  • 7 Learning Pillars with no-fluff, actionable lessons

  • A robust library of PDF workbooks, spreadsheets, calculators, and other resources

  • A certification upon completion of the program, a final capstone project, and assessment

  • Offers 34 hours of RACE-approved continuing education.

  • BONUS: A physical VIP goodie box will be mailed to you
  • 7 Learning Pillars with no-fluff, actionable lessons

  • A robust library of PDF workbooks, spreadsheets, calculators, and other resources

  • Access to the Veterinary Inventory Strategy Network

  • A certification upon completion of the program, a final capstone project, and assessment

  • Offers 34 hours of RACE-approved continuing education.

  • BONUS: A physical VIP goodie box will be mailed to you


I'm Ready!

Yeah, that’s a lot less than a traditional MBA (and a lot more fun)

Is it a match made in inventory heaven?

This course was made for you if…

You’re a veterinary inventory manager, practice manager, or practice owner

You have some experience in inventory and a fairly strong grasp of the foundational principles of inventory management and are ready to reach the next level

You’re tired of “just getting by” in your inventory and feeling like things are disjointed and not running as smoothly as you’d like (and you’re ready for an uninterrupted vacation!)

You want to create an inventory system ecosystem that allows you to pivot, adapt, and truly thrive as a leader in your practice

You’re ready to put in the good, hard work it takes to earn your certification and set yourself up for greater success in our field

Take it from former clients + students

Ready to turn off survival mode and start thriving as a veterinary inventory professional?

So, how ‘bout it friend —

It’s time to step into your role as an inventory management leader once and for all, so you can adapt, pivot, and implement like a boss. 


Need help convincing your boss? We have a Toolkit for that!

Free download


Curiosity is a must around here! Explore answers to these common questions:

You’ll have lifetime access! Yup, that’s right, you can come back to the resources in this course time and time again throughout your career journey.

After completing the course, the next step will be obtaining your certification to become an official Certified Veterinary Inventory Professional® (CVIP). In order to get your certification, you’ll need to submit the following:
  • Your complete Process and Procedure manual that you created throughout the course
  • A video walkthrough of your physical inventory and storage
  • An assessment form to be completed by your management team or practice owner
  • A self-assessment
Once these items have been submitted and satisfy the credentialing requirements, you’ll receive your official certification (as well as some really fun graduation presents!).

The Certified Veterinary Inventory Professional® program is a self-study course done completely on your own time; I suggest committing at least 2-5 hours per week to this course, but you can choose to go at the pace that works best for you. On average, our students are able to complete the program content and receive their certification within six to eight months. Keep in mind, each module within each pillar is designed to build upon the lessons from the last. I implore you to learn, absorb, and implement each lesson before moving on to the next. Additionally, make sure you complete the corresponding activities for each lesson! 

This certification program is an advanced-level course, so it's only suitable for intermediate or advanced level learners who have a strong grasp of inventory fundamentals. 

Before enrolling in the CVIP, should have completed the Inventory System Deep Dive or at least have a strong grasp of inventory fundamentals (like reorder points, cycle counts, and utilizing your practice management system). After completing those courses, you’re ready to enroll!

First, you'll receive an email invitation granting you access to the CVIP program.
If you aren't a VISN member yet, it will prompt you to create a free account and then once that's completed, you'll be directed to the course. If you are a VISN member, you'll be prompted to sign in (if you aren't already) first, and then you'll be taken to the course.
You will get immediate access to the the CVIP program.

No, there are not any recertification requirements (just an open mind and an extra-large cup of coffee)! Once you have completed your certification, it’s yours for life! 

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