Ep. 72 | The Intersection of Inventory Management and Social Media with Cheyanne Flerx

Social media can feel overwhelming, but not when you have an expert like Cheyanne Flerx — aka Hey Cheyanne! — onboard to show you the ropes. On this episode of The Inventory Nation Podcast, this maestro of online communication shares with Host Nicole Clausen her best advice for veterinary professionals who want to increase visibility and capture the spirit of their practice’s core values.


  • How Cheyanne migrated from wanting to be a veterinarian to becoming a social media guru catering to the vet med community.
  • Learning to Speak Entrepreneur: Cheyanne was wearing many part-time hats when she decided it was time to focus on creating a practice that would serve the marketing and social media needs of the vet community. Over time, Hey Cheyanne! developed based on the needs of the community.
  • Advice from Cheyanne for vet med practitioners who are feeling burned out and in need of a change that won’t take them completely our of pet medicine.
  • The timing is right! The industry is hungry for new models and ways of doing business and there are myriad ways to leverage your best skills within the world of pet med.
  • Making a Mark: Cheyanne shares tips and tricks for deploying social media to raise visibility and make your clinic stand out:
  • Debunking Misconceptions: Social media or marketing managers are helping to generate revenue and attract clientele, which is best done in collaboration with inventory managers — who know intimately what kinds of content will best support the clinic’s needs and capabilities.
  • Communication is Strategic: Coordinate social media and marketing campaigns to showcase (and move) inventory and services in a concerted way. It’s a great tactic to promote important messages and seasonal opportunities.
  • Staying Proactive: Cheyanne is a big advocate for planning ahead to ease stress about and optimize social media postings. It’s essential to carve out time — even an hour a month — to loosely map types of platforms, content and frequency of postings.
  • There are really low-stress ways to create reels and other compelling social media content, but allow yourself time to get comfortable with the process and give colleagues a little notice so they’re onboard and ready to contribute!


Cheyanne Flerx is a former Veterinary Assistant, Hospital Marketing Manager, and self-proclaimed “Social Marketing Nerd.” Cheyanne loves to study and learn all things surrounding social media marketing and translates her findings into relevant knowledge for VetMed.

As the owner and founder of her business, Hey Cheyanne, Cheyanne dedicates her knowledge and experience to teaching the teams of veterinary practices how to use social media more efficiently and effectively. Cheyanne has worked with clinics, veterinary consultants, and veterinary tech companies worldwide to help them increase their social media presence and apply marketing strategies and systems appropriate for their teams and business.

Her personal mission is to improve the bonds between hospitals and clients and their pets by providing high-quality, industry-specific social media marketing education to empower the team to be extraordinary online communicators and pet health advocates.

Follow Cheyanne on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/ChCwJWoO7SQ/

Learn more and connect with Cheyanne: https://www.heycheyanne.com/


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