Using Reorder Tags for Your Inventory

Reorder tags can be an incredibly helpful tool for managing inventory within your veterinary practice! Reorder tags serve as a physical reminder or flag that something is running low and needs to be ordered. One of the more common frustrations that I hear is “No one tells me or writes an item down when it’s running low.” One of the challenges of that statement is, what does “low” mean? It’s a very subjective statement because low may mean different things to different team members. When using your team members exclusively to alert you when items are low, you run the risk of a) over-ordering or b) running out.
This is where reorder points and reorder tags can be helpful.
Reorder tags can be especially helpful for hospital supplies or any inventory items that are particularly hard to track within your practice management system. Typically, the process for reorder tags is they are rubber-banded or somehow attached to the box or reorder point. Then, when someone grabs that box/sleeve/item with the reorder tag, the tag is placed in a bin, and it’s now an alert to reorder the item.
veterinary reorder tags
Some of the things I like to use reorder tags for include:
  • Hospital supplies, consumables, syringes, needles, gauze, and more!
  • Emergency drugs or things you want a “double-check” on to make sure you don’t forget to order
  • Any products that are difficult to track the quantity on-hand in your practice management system (Panacur granules, etc.)

veterinary reorder tags

There are different options for creating reorder tags. Most veterinary distributors offer free reorder tags (contact your reps), you can create your own, or I have created a fillable PDF reorder tag template for you to use. You can download the template by clicking on the button below.

Additional Resources

  • Need help creating and setting up your reorder tags (that your team with be on board with!)? Check out the Reorder Tag Magic step-by-step course (and the best part — it’s only $9): Reorder Tag Magic
Click Here to Download!

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