(that your team with be onboard with!)

Create and Set Up Your Reorder Tags in a Flash

Reorder Tag magic

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could know when something is low without…

“Babysitting” your items to see what you have (or don’t)

Digging through cabinets and drawers each order to see if you’re missing anything

Relying on your team to write things down in the “want book”

... And all without taking a ton of your time AND having to keep everything in your brain? 

Well, I’ve got some good news to share:

That’s the real magic that happens when you have a “flag” to know what’s low – aka reorder tags!

get it now for $9
get it now for $9
get it now for $9

With Reorder Tag Magic, you will be able to:


and the best part?
you can get it for just $9.

Stop running out of white goods and hospital supplies

Have a method for reordering without relying on people writing things down

Skip the learning curve and have step-by-step instructions for your tags

Create reorder tags that your team will actually use

Save time putting together your order AND avoid pesky order minimums

A step-by-step course to help you create and set up reorder tags so you’ll have a strategy for ordering white goods and hospital supplies (and more!) – without relying on the “want book”!

One-time payment — yes, really!

And we cover it all in just video lessons that are 6 minutes or less so you can dive into creating and setting up your reorder tags as quickly as possible.

Here’s what you’ll learn inside Reorder Tag Magic

Why you definitely want to use reorder tags

My step-by-step for creating reorder tags for your practice

Strategies for getting your team involved in the reorder tag process

Your options for the practice ‘how’ of your reorder tags

Different options and considerations for creating tags that are a “best fit” for your practice

…and more!


see more!


- Jessica, Inventory Manager

In this course, setting up reorder tags was masterfully broken down into manageable tasks, ensuring that it never felt overwhelming. Nicole's expertise and guidance made it easy to grasp the concept and apply it effectively. It provided me with valuable insights and practical strategies that I could implement right away.

Since completing the course, it has made such a difference! My entire treatment area is now covered in reorder tags, and I am thrilled to report that they are already yielding positive outcomes. The implementation of reorder tags has significantly helped me manage my inventory and run out of things less.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to enhance their understanding of reorder tags and streamline their inventory management.

- Paul B., MBA, Practice Manager and Owner

Nicole has provided the most incredible download of inventory information I’ve ever seen! She has really helped my understanding (and I have an MBA!). I’m so completely impressed. Not only is the information great for general sharing, but you provided “how-to” information on getting started right away. I’m so appreciative.


What’s included in Reorder Tag Magic — and for just $9:

reorder tag magic

Bite Sized Lessons

Short, actionable lessons that are fluff-free and all under 6 minutes so you can get right down to business. Including closed captions.

Reorder Tag Tracker

A spreadsheet tracker to keep track of all your reorder tags, any pertinent information, corresponding reorder information, and more!

Oodles of real-life reorder tag examples

To give you the inspiration you need to get started and overcome any feeling of “how do I do this?”

A student-only group in the Veterinary Inventory Strategy Network

Connect with other students, ask questions, and enjoy a community dedicated to inventory management.

How to Enroll

If you're not already a member, you'll get access to the veterinary inventory strategy network (VISN).

If you’re an inventory manager, Veterinary Inventory Strategy Network (VISN) is the place to be. Our FREE one-of-a-kind educational community is the place where 2,600+ inventory managers go to support one another and learn from one another.

All of this for 


i'm ready to enroll!

Hi, I’m Nicole Clausen!

Founder of Veterinary Care Logistics and lead inventory (and spreadsheet) nerd for veterinary professionals 

I’m an operations director turned inventory consultant, big-time spreadsheet lover, and ocean obsessed.

When I first started managing inventory, my only training was “shake a bottle and when it feels low, order it”. My (work) life forever changed when I discovered reorder tags! Since then, I’ve been teaching hundreds of students and clients the power of reorder tags for their inventory.

Now, I packed everything I know into this short and sweet self-paced course so you too can create your order points and have an easy way for knowing when something is low.

Are you ready to create the most amazing reorder tags around? 

so tell me...


Just a few of our trusted clients


You’ve got questions? We've got answers!

Going through Reorder Tag Magic itself will take about an hour. I kept it short and sweet so you can dive straight into creating and setting up your reorder tags.

How long it takes you to create your tags will depend on how many tags you’ll be creating, how long it will take to gather up the information needed, among other factors.

Plus, you’ll also get access to worksheets and reorder tag templates to help blast through the “pre-work” so you can start creating even faster.

First, you'll receive an email invitation granting you access to the Reorder Tag Magic course.

If you aren't a VISN member yet, it will prompt you to create a free account and then once that's completed, you'll be directed to the course. If you are a VISN member, you'll be prompted to sign in (if you aren't already) first, and then you'll be taken to the course.

You will get immediate and lifetime access to the the Reorder Tag Magic course.

That’s perfect! No experience necessary! Whether you’re new to managing inventory or you’re a seasoned pro, reorder tags can be so beneficial for ordering. 

This course will be especially helpful for you if you don’t have a solid method for knowing when to order hospital supplies and white goods.

The great thing about reorder tags? They are low tech and you’ll only need a few office supplies to get started.

Not only that, one of the lessons of the course will focus on gathering the information and supplies you’ll need so you won’t miss anything!

In Reorder Tag Magic, you will not be learning how to calculate reorder points. 

If you would like to learn more about reorder points (and getting more inventory systems set up), the Inventory System Deep Dive would be a great place to start.

Yes!! Enrollment in Reorder Tag Magic is only $9 (and there are no other fees!) – and you get access to the course modules + content updates forever!

Great! Shoot us an email at hello@vetlogic.co (not .com) and let’s chat. 

Ready to create and set up your reorder tags?

It’s time to easily know when something is low and stop laying in bed at night wondering if you’ve ordered something. It can be easy. And it can be quick — I’ll show you how.

get it now for $9

One-time payment — yes, really!

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