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As a former operations manager myself, I have helped countless veterinary practice owners and their teams to transform their inventory into a profitable, thriving system. I regularly speak at veterinary practices, conferences, and workshops all over the nation, which allows me to accommodate the needs of more professionals than with consultations alone. I take pride in my innovative and cost effective methods to inventory management and combined with my enthusiasm and passion, helps practice owners, managers, and the veterinary care team to understand the systematic approach inventory management. 

During each of my training seminars and speaking events, I share my easy-to-implement 6 step action plan to transforming and elevating an inventory management program. These components address some of the greatest challenges of veterinary practice owners and their staff who are trying to run a profitable, successful practice. My goal is to arm you with the knowledge and confidence to create and maintain a successful inventory team and a profitable practice. 

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See what fellow veterinary professionals are saying…

Very Knowledgable!

I am brand new to doing the clinic’s inventory and this was great! You know your stuff! Thank you! So well prepared for every question!

Stephanie L.

My Brain is Buzzing

Loved it – Thank you so much! My brain is buzzing – so much information!


Excited to Implement

I’m excited about implementing the new information to improve, not only profits, but patient care as well.


Great Resources

The resources are great… you are wonderful! I learn something new every time!

Erin S.

Easy to Understand

You presented everything very well, and easy to understand.

R. Ellis

Knowledgable & Passionate

Great CE. Very knowledgable and passionate!

Nicole G.

Such Great Information!

This information was so great! I can’t wait to take it and apply it! Thank you!


Transforming Your Inventory

Inventory management can be one of the most frustrating aspects of owning or managing a veterinary practice. It can also be incredibly expensive if it is mismanaged. Learn how to stop the frustration, stop pulling your hair out, and finally get your inventory under control!

I am a RACE approved speaker, and the presentation can be customized based on your audience, continuing education credits, and other important details. I would love to chat more about the goals of your event and how I can help you achieve them.