Inventory Management Tracking Forms

We know that inventory management can be rough. But can you imagine not having your practice management system to help guide you? That is the case for some hospitals. There are some practice management systems that either do not have an inventory module, or inventory is not tracked within the hospital. So what are we do then?

There are a couple options:

  1. Use a want book, walk around the hospital, and hope that you are ordering the right amounts.
  2. Or, the better option; use inventory management tracking forms!

I’ve created an inventory management tracking form pack that you can use to track hospital usage, create reorder point and reorder quantities, monitor expiration dates, create a hospital-specific order form, and track commonly used items for different treatments. Most importantly, this tracking form pack is completely free.

How I suggest using the forms:

  • Reorder Form– this form will allow you to list the products in your hospital, mark the minimum quantity to have on hand, the ideal quantity to have on hand, the physical count, and finally, the amount to order
  • Usage Log– this form will be helpful in determining your monthly usage for products. This can either be calculated in one of three ways. The first is to have each team member mark off when they have used or prescribed something (which likely won’t be very reliable), second is to calculate the difference of product between physical counts, and thirdly it can be calculated using an order history from your main distributor. This third option will not be as accurate if too much or too little was ordered. Once the usage has been established there is room to calculate reorder points and reorder quantities. Need a refresher on reorder points? Check out the guide here.
  • Expiration Date Tracking Form– this form will allow you to note each product and pending expiration dates and will provide a birds-eye view of what is expiring when
  • Commonly Used Items in Treatments– this form will help keep track of items that are used in specific treatments to aid in more efficient tracking of hospital supplies.

Interested in downloading your Inventory Management Tracking Forms? Click here, or click on the picture below.

Download Your Inventory Tracking Forms
Click Here to Download!

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