Ep. 76 | Career Sustainability in Veterinary Medicine with Dr. Eve Harrison

On this episode of The Inventory Nation Podcast we hear first-hand from Host Nicole Clausen’s very happy guest how she established a practice that feels liberating, nourishing and reflective of her values.


  • A surgical residency revealed that it wasn’t the path for Eve, who went on a journey to figure out the means of practicing veterinary medicine that would best suit her temperament, goals and core values.
  • What exactly constitutes concierge vet medicine?
  • About how Eve made a phased transition to concierge service and has intentionally integrated some flexibility with a sliding scale to make membership possible for pre-existing patients whose means are limited.
  • Have you considered what sustainability means in the context of veterinary medicine? The high-octane and often draining nature of the work can lead to burnout and fatigue.
  • Eve reflects on strategies for ensuring sustainability for vet professionals.
  • Nicole and Eve emphasize the opportunity for leaders in the veterinary sector to recognize and place a higher value on the draining nature of the work.
  • Defy a scarcity mindset! When you let go of clients who do not align, it opens up time and emotional space that pays abundant dividends and attracts desirable energy.
  • Eve has “fired” a sizable number of clients who were bringing stress or drama and – by honoring her boundaries and wishes – has since seen fantastic new clients flood in.
  • About online House Call Vet Academy and how Eve developed the program to help vets trying to figure out how to manage an independent business, free themselves from negative clients and avoid burnout.
  • Stay tuned for Eve’s brand new online Concierge Vet Academy, which launches very soon!


Hey there! I’m Dr. Eve Harrison

I run a 6-figure integrative concierge house call practice in Los Angeles (and have a hilariously chatty cat named Maggie)!

After graduating from vet school, I spent years working crazy hours in clinics, hospitals, emergency rooms, and operating rooms that left me so burnt out I almost quit entirely. I had a miserable work/life balance and knew that I needed to find a better way to give my patients, their caregivers, and honestly… even myself… the level of care we deserved.

After years of trying to work in brick & mortar practices on other people’s terms, I just couldn’t swing it anymore


I decided to build my own house call vet practice, my way, using my Veterinary Freedom Formula. And now I teach other veterinarians how to create their own unique house call or mobile vet practices, their way!


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