Ep. 49 | Inventory Management Systems and Processes (and Burnout!) with Emmitt Nantz

In this episode, Emmitt and Nicole discuss the vital role that continuous improvement can play in operating a hospital. A good continuous improvement strategy can decrease stress, improve inventory, and generate revenue growth. Emmitt talks about some dos and don’ts of cost of goods and managing goals.


  • Emmitt loves the 5 Whys process to help find the root cause of problems.
  • Burnout is a big problem and it’s getting worse.
  • Process improvement is critical to improve business.
  • Most practices raise the value or revenue generated by extending the employees trying to squeeze more value out of them. 
  • Process improvement is about removing waste so that you can earn value by reducing barriers that cause businesses to extend the individual.
  • Process improvement is about predictability which allows a business to be proactive instead of reactive.
  • Proactive work environments produce less stress and burnout.
  • Most hospitals manage inventory very reactively.
  • You cannot run cost of goods at an arbitrary target. There are too many variables to select an arbitrary percentage for the hospitals cost of goods.
  • You can use data and predictability to replenish the hospital optimally.
  • Do not miminize or maximize. You should try to optimize.
  • Managing inventory isn’t a one-person job. Some things can be delegated.
  • Understand what the goal and vision is and how do you measure it.


I consider myself a servant business leader. It’s important to know your role in any team and any given situation. While I enjoy digging into processes and problems to identify the root cause opportunities and designing solutions, it’s important as a leader to pull back and give guidance to the team to deliver outcomes. This takes diligence, patience, humility, and perseverance to get sustainable results.

I’ve been fortunate to spend most of my career within the veterinary space. From Banfield where I spent over a decade managing hospitals, building and delivering large scale improvement projects, and leading the acquisitions team to lead and grow Smart Flow to a successful exit as its COO and now managing a large team of leaders, thinkers, doers, and planners at IDEXX Veterinary Software and Services I have dedicated myself to learning and applying new skills and insights to lead successful organizations. I have simple philosophies that guide me and allow me to lead teams successfully. First and foremost is you don’t have a successful business without a successful team that is focused on the customer’s needs.

I enjoy life and appreciate the passion I get to bring to my career. It’s a purposeful cause to serve this industry and enable healthcare for our four-legged companions and I look forward to continuing that path. I believe SaaS applications in this space are the next phase of my journey and I will continue to learn and develop the skills necessary to lead teams in offering high-value software solutions to veterinary hospitals.


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