Ep. 48 | The Future of Inventory in VetMed

In this episode, Nicole reveals her thoughts on the future of inventory in vet med practices. She talks about the importance of having effectively designed systems to help offset rising costs, create extra budgets for staff, and other revenue-generating areas of practice.


  • Nicole believes that there will be more emphasis on systems in the practice and continued supply chain disruptions.
  • Staff shortages will put pressure on streamlining other costs in the practice.
  • All of Nicole’s free guides are available at -www.vetlogic.co/education
  • A system outlines how something should be done.
  • Moving from manual systems to automated systems or routines has advantages.
  • Start with a small system and then iterate so that over time you can feel the difference.
  • The Veterinary Inventory Strategy Network is a great resource that is free.
  • If your inventory systems are not working well for you then you are probably stressed and seeing items run out. If there seems to be some chaos, then your process can most likely be improved.
  • Inventory disruptions and backorders will continue as a result of Covid related distribution disruptions.
  • In the USA, 80% of raw materials for drugs are imported.
  • Decreasing inventory cost can free up cash for staff pay to help relive shortages.
  • Stocking less in house will be a trend moving forward.
  • Focus on providing the highest level of care without going overboard needs to be a focus.
  • If something has dust on it that may be an indicator that it is not needed.
  • In-house pharmacies can be very profitable for some practices.
  • It’s time to start preparing clients about the growing cost of pet care and the ways that they can help prepare to manage those costs over the lifetime of a pet.


Hi, I’m Nicole Clausen and I started Veterinary Care Logistics with the dream of changing the way we manage inventory together.

With 14+ years of experience in the veterinary industry, I have worked in several positions from receptionist to operations manager for several different hospitals.

While no two practices are ever just alike, I noticed one common problem: a lack of inventory management and control.

If you are tasked with managing inventory, I understand first-hand the challenges you face.

When I first started managing inventory, I struggled with the same things that many of my client’s experience: a to-do list up my chin and a pretty persistent case of imposter syndrome. But jolting awake in the middle of the night, wondering if you remembered to order rabies vaccines is no way to live.

I knew something had to change.

Veterinary Care Logistics was born out of the demand by several industry leaders to utilize my inventory system as a model throughout the country. Whenever I tell people what I do, I usually get a puzzled reaction: “Why would you want to do that? I hate inventory!” Truthfully, I love the puzzles, the numbers, and the strategies of inventory. But what really sets my soul on fire is creating lightbulb moments.

New clients who often come to me tell me that they feel like they’re drowning or that they think they’re just not cut out for this. Then once we start working together, putting systems in place, there’s always, always an “ah-ha” moment.

And at that moment, a shift occurs. You know exactly what you need to do. Your confidence rises. And the confusion, overwhelm, worry all begin to melt away like a bad, backordered-rabies-vaccine dream.

These are the moments I live for.


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