Ep. 47 | Create an Impactful Practice Through the Power of Connection with Kelsey Kurtis

In this episode, Kelsey and Nicole discuss the importance of branding with a connection to clients. Kelsey talks about the difference between branding and marketing and gives some strategies for how to create and manage a stronger brand that ultimately creates happier clients and thriving workplace cultures.


  • Kelsey worked as a receptionist in a vet clinic.
  • Kelsey believes that connection is key when it comes to business.
  • Bringing humanity to business is a powerful branding method.
  • Do not build a brand impulsively. Be intentional about what the branding says about the way that you connect and run your business.
  • Branding and marketing are different things.
  • Branding is the overall emotional perception of who you are and what people can expect from you.
  • Marketing is how that branding message is delivered.
  • Everyone has a brand.
  • Leading with what you do instead of who you are is no longer a viable strategy.
  • Most vet clinics are missing the opportunity to brand effectively.
  • Define the community that you want to create. Define the type of people you want to attract and the type that you want to repel.
  • There is a shift occurring from the scarcity mindset to the abundance mindset.


Kelsey Kurtis is a professional lifestyle branding photographer, author, branding educator, energetic speaker, and unapologetic cheerleader for leaders in business. She is the author of The Connection Method® and creator of Connection-Based Branding.

Kelsey has over ten years of experience as a professional photographer and working with business owners and leaders. She is passionate about educating and equipping leaders with the tools they need to genuinely connect with both themselves and their audience in order to impact their community.

Kelsey is based out of the Pacific Northwest in Bellingham, Washington.


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