Ep. 32 | Prescription Monitoring Programs with Barb Hersh, RVT

In this episode of the Inventory Nation Podcast, I am delighted to be joined by Barb Hersh, RVT. Barb and I discuss Prescription Monitoring Programs for veterinary practices. They are becoming increasingly more common for states to adhere to and have different requirements depending on the state. We chat about what a PMP is and why they are starting to be required in more states, in addition to some tips for helping maintain compliance with state and federal guidelines.


  • Barb loved and was inspired by Animal Planet and lead her to veterinary technician school. She received her license in the state of California.
  • Barb started as a surgical nurse and then moved into inventory management.
  • CUBEX is a point of use inventory system.
  • Controlled substances have both federal and state guidelines. It can be challenging to recognize the guidelines.
  • PMP stands for Prescription Monitoring Program.
  • More states are beginning to require PMP systems for veterinary practices.
  • States can check for discrepancies like excessive dispenses tied to an individual.
  • Some states have tight timelines on reporting prescriptions making it a challenge to get all reporting completed on time.
  • Number one tip from Barb: Whoever will be submitting documentation should have specific office time scheduled for the task to maintain compliance.
  • The Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Training and Technical Assistance Center is a great resource for profiles of each state program as well as contact information.
  • It is important to understand the workflow for submitting records so that you understand what is supposed to happen and do not miss something and fall out of compliance.
  • Having an SOP is critical to maintain compliance and to be certain that there is always coverage available to submit records in case there is an illness, vacation, or departure from the practice.


Barb is a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT) currently living in the Phoenix Valley of Arizona. Prior to joining the CUBEX team in 2016, Barb was the Inventory Supervisor and CUBEX Administrator for a very large specialty practice in The Bay Area, CA for 6 years. Efficient inventory management, increased controlled substance safety and compliance, and regular business intelligence metrics are just some of the many advantages of having CUBEX. Now, she enjoys helping people and practices utilize CUBEX and all its features to maximum capacity.


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