Ep. 30 | Inventory and Operations Management in the Emergency/Specialty Practice with Amanda Zachrich

In this episode of the Inventory Nation Podcast, Amanda joins us to talk all about the logistics of managing inventory, operations, and financials in emergency and specialty veterinary practices.

Amanda Zachrich has 8 years of experience in ER/specialty veterinary medicine, where she worked as lead CSR, technician, and hospital administrator. In addition, Amanda also has 10 years of business ownership experience, which greatly helped her while managing a 24/7 ER/specialty practice. After becoming a practice manager, she started the 3-year process to get her CVPM, which she plans to apply for at the beginning of 2021 and hopefully sit for the exam later that year.

Here’s what Amanda has to say, “While I love the day to day aspects of hospital management, I realized my true calling is to be able to help as many private practice owners as I can. With so many hospital owners selling to corporate entities, private practice owners are doing the best they can to stay afloat, often without any key leadership in place and struggling while short-staffed. A few months ago, I took the plunge and left my hospital administrator position and started my own consulting and relief business. While it has been a journey that involved relocating to another state, Coastal Veterinary Consulting and Relief will be a welcome resource to owners/managers in these crazy times!”

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In this episode of the Inventory Nation Podcast, Amanda and I chat about:

  • How she got started in veterinary medicine
  • Her strategies for managing inventory in a large emergency practice
  • Her favorite tools and how she made a big impact financially on her practice
  • … and more!


  • Are you struggling or feeling overwhelmed with your inventory? Schedule a quick coffee chat on my calendar (completely complimentary) and I’ll share some tips and strategies to get you started.

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