Ep. 16 | Improving Your Operations with Technology with Dr. Caleb Frankel

In this episode of the Inventory Nation Podcast, I’m delighted to be joined by Dr. Caleb Frankel, a veterinarian, author, speaker, and entrepreneur.

Dr. Caleb Frankel is an internship-trained veterinarian and alumnus of the University of Pennsylvania.

He is the Founder/CEO of Instinct Science (www.instinct.vet), a new veterinary software company focused on improving state-of-the-art veterinary hospitals that incorporates true workflow improvement, decision support, patient safety tools, and charge capture automation.

He also practices emergency medicine at the Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center, an 80-doctor referral hospital in Greater Philadelphia, PA.

He previously served as Director of New Product Development at Brief Media where he led the development of products such as the Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs app. He also blogs on all things technology and workflow in veterinary medicine at https://pickthebrain.instinct.vet/.


During our conversation, Dr. Caleb shares his advice for other veterinary professionals: “Don’t attempt anything in your practice unless you have the buy-in of the decision maker. If you’re not the owner of the practice, don’t waste your energy until you’ve got the buy in from the leader because that’s just a culture thing. I’ve been there — you’re trying to make changes but you’re just up against a wall. Because change in the veterinary world; we are are very change adverse. You have to explain why before you can get most people to change. You really have to have the buy-in from that leader. Maybe you’re in a job situation where you’re never going to get that and you need to make a decision. Those are the practices that are really having a hard time hiring veterinarians. The places where you can innovate, have some autonomy, and a little bit of breathing room in terms of how you can improve things, those are the hospitals that don’t have a hard time hiring. There’s probably a reason for that. So, if you are a practice owner, or you are opening a practice, I think it’s pretty apparent you don’t have to settle for the tools that you’ve seen used. Instinct is just one of the many innovative things out there. You need to talk to peer practices that you respect and you can’t start to get a good word of mouth trail… The biggest thing you can do is talk to other people to find out what other solutions are out there. I truly believe that software holds the key to a lot of our practice’s problems.”


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