Ep. 15 | Rehabilitating & Releasing Marine Mammals with Bree Stenstrom, RVT -

Ep. 15 | Rehabilitating & Releasing Marine Mammals with Bree Stenstrom, RVT

In this episode of the Inventory Nation Podcast, I am thrilled to be joined by Breanna Stenstrom, RVT.

Bree graduated from Douglas College and successfully passed her VTNE in 2017 to become an RVT. Breanna has spent the last three summers rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing marine mammals such as harbour seals at the Vancouver Aquarium’s Marine Mammal Rescue Centre. In the winter months when seal pupping season has come to an end she focuses her time in small animal medicine at a busy practice located in downtown Vancouver. Breanna also spent an early part of her career as the only RVT at a local zoo caring for the entire animal collection of 150+ animals. In Breanna’s spare time she puts a lot focus on her two rescue pitbull-type dogs from San Bernardino, one of whom is actually deaf.

Veterinary Inventory Podcast


During our conversation, Bree shares her advice with other inventory managers: “Put yourself out there. Volunteer. Get your foot in the door. Even if you’re having to do janitorial jobs for the time being, it gives you an in with a zoo or aquarium itself. Don’t be afraid to be persistent either; reach out and be nosey and introduce yourself to other people working there. In your spare time, pick up a book and read about any animal you are interested in.”


The Marine Mammal Rescue Centre has the option to symbolically adopt a seal! So, on behalf of the Veterinary Inventory Strategy Network, we have adopted “Blue”. You can read more about Blue’s story and get updates on her condition: HERE.

Veterinary Inventory Podcast
Veterinary Inventory Podcast


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