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Have you ever seen super talented inventory managers and wondered, “how on earth did they get so knowledgeable?”

If you are a new inventory manager (or even an established one!), it can be really frustrating to get the training, help, and support you need!

And if you’re newer to managing inventory, seeing all of the numbers and unsure of exactly what you should be doing can be totally intimidating.

You see people managing their inventory who seem to be no-stress and “living the dream”… but for the life of you, you can’t figure out how they actually run a smooth, profitable inventory system.

You’d love to get the same results, but how? Do they have something you don’t? Nope!

You can do it, too. Just imagine…

Being the go-to leader in your hospital and having clients and team members thanking you for helping them get exactly what they needed.

Knowing exactly what to order, when, and have the knowledge and confidence to have exactly what you need on hand.

Serving your team members with purpose and intention, and help them to provide the best patient care possible.

Having freedom, flexibility, joy, and confidence in your inventory program knowing you are helping your hospital be successful.

Wouldn’t you like to begin every day with purpose,

and end every day with joy?


a self-paced, online learning platform specifically designed for veterinary inventory management CE and training.

Count Me In(ventory) compiles the most powerful lessons, strategies, and formulas into a fool-proof, step-by-step system that will turn your inventory into a thriving, profitable system.

In Count Me In(ventory), I’m showing you the exact strategies I’ve used and steps I’ve taken to create clarity, strategy, and procedures in countless hospitals across the United States. I’ll show you the exact steps to take that I’ve used to decrease the cost of goods and save hospitals hundreds of thousands over dollars time and time again.

I believe that your inventory is your #1 asset, and helps provide our patients with the highest level of patient care. And I’m going to show you how to leverage it and create a standardized system in order to increase your revenue, decrease your frustration, and have exactly what you need on hand.

Count Me In(ventory) is the only community and course you need to truly achieve your goals, transform your inventory, and get back to your patients. Let’s do this, yo.

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Lesson 1

Getting Your Inventory Under Control

This module will break down a step by step program to get your system under control when it feels overwhelming. Are you out of items all the time? Do you have 97 kinds of ear cleaners? Is your practice management system a hot mess? This lesson is perfect for eliminating all those frustrating issues!

Lesson 2

6-Step Action Plan for Setting Up Your Inventory

This module will lay out exactly what you need to do to set up an inventory system correctly, and how best to ensure you have what you need when you need it. After working through this module, you will know exactly what to charge for items, what to order, and how much of it- plus TONS more.

Lesson 3

the Foundations of Inventory Management

After walking through how to get your system under control and established, this module will teach you every aspect you need to know for managing your inventory. You’ll learn how to develop an order, plus the best practices for all phases of inventory management.

Bonus #1

A 50-Page Workbook

This workbook is INCREDIBLE! It is filled with 50 pages full of action steps, worksheets, and how-to guides. You’ll get practice problems, formula examples, worksheets for developing your different systems, and printable step-by-step action plans to ensure all of your knowledge you are learning is applicable to you and your practice.

Bonus #2

Excel & Word Document File Bank

On top of all the learning modules and the workbook, you will receive a file bank filled with different spreadsheets, formulas, and files to keep you organized, efficient, give you the exact tools you need to ROCK your inventory. It will take the guesswork out of organization and clarity!

I Want In!

But don’t just take my word for it:

Great Resources

The resources are great… you are wonderful! I learn something new every time!

Erin S.

Great Experience!

I had a great experience with Nicole. She gave me simple tips to help me adjust inventory and save money! Definitely worth it to have her look at your inventory!

veterinary inventory management
Nicole H.
Cottonwood Veterinary Hospital


Nicole was exceptionally helpful and full of knowledge. She got our practice on the right path to have our COGS under 16%. We have a rapidly growing practice and were desperate to have systems in place to make our lives better and overall the practice. I would highly recommend Veterinary Care Logistics. Nicole will definitely make your practice more profitable as numbers don’t lie.

Nicole Gotfredson
Red Hills Veterinary Hospital

Excited to Implement

I’m excited about implementing the new information to improve, not only profits, but patient care as well.


Such Great Information!

This information was so great! I can’t wait to take it and apply it! Thank you!


Immensely Helpful!

Working with Nicole at Veterinary Care Logistics has been immensely helpful. I have been running our hospital’s inventory for about 5 years and she was able to take it one step further with us by completing an ABC analysis an identifying even more ways we can be efficient. Even when our practice management software was being difficult to extrapolate the needed information, she stuck with us until we finally got there. I couldn’t recommend her enough!

Leah A.
Foothills Veterinary

Absolutely Wonderful!

I highly recommend them! I started a business and really had no idea about pricing and inventory. She set everything up and also helped me with my software program. She was so efficient and organized that I was able to take patients right away!!! Absolutely wonderful!

veterinary inventory management
Teena K.
Cat's Cradle Veterinary

My Brain is Buzzing

Loved it – Thank you so much! My brain is buzzing – so much information!


Very Knowledgable!

I am brand new to doing the clinic’s inventory and this was great! You know your stuff! Thank you! So well prepared for every question!

Stephanie L.

We are very thankful!

We are very thankful to have found Veterinary Care Logistics. Nicole is amazing! She is patiently guiding us as we get our inventory under control. We’re excited to see the difference it will make in our practice!


Easy to Understand

You presented everything very well, and easy to understand.

R. Ellis

Knowledgable & Passionate

Great CE. Very knowledgable and passionate!

Nicole G.

So, who even am I?

I'm your teacher, Nicole Clausen, CSSGB.

With over a decade of experience in the veterinary industry and with responsibilities ranging from receptionist, technician assistant, lead receptionist, inventory manager, and operations manager, I know the veterinary industry like the back of my hand! It's my home and where my passion lies.

A common theme I've noticed in hospitals is lack of inventory management, clarity, and control, whereas my focus was to create a viable, profitable system where there was only a void before.

Veterinary Care Logistics was born out of the demand by several industry leaders to utilize my inventory system as a model throughout the country, and I am so excited and honored to bring that opportunity to you!

Since inception I have authored several publications, including controlled substance management protocols and policy & procedure manuals. My clients include national & regional corporations, hospital groups, and private veterinary hospitals. In addition, I have spoken at several different industry sponsored conferences on inventory management.

So even if you're new to inventory management, or have been trying to figure it out for years, Count Me In(ventory) will become your online academy for creating the kind of inventory and practice you've always dreamed of having.

veterinary inventory management ce

You've Got Questions? I've got answers.

What a great way to start your inventory management career! So many of us spend the first few years of managing inventory taking shots in the dark hoping we magically do it right.

By starting your inventory management career with Count Me In(ventory), you're likely to get your system under control and set up the right way much faster than the average veterinary professional. Yeah, it might take a few weeks or months longer to lay the groundwork and get comfortable with everything, but you've gotta do that anyway, right? Might as well make sure you do it right the first time!

I would never want you to be unhappy! Your happiness and providing the highest level of service is my number one priority. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me within the first 30 days and I will give you a full refund. No risks here!

The course starts immediately! As soon as you complete the checkout process, you are able to start right away! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. You will have six months to complete the course, so you can set your own pace!

You will have six months to access and complete the course. You can access from any and all devices you own.

Great question! Over 20 in-depth video lectures that explain the most important inventory management information you need to get your system under control, set up a profitable, thriving system, and be literal inventory rockstar! This course also includes a 50-page workbook filled with worksheets, action plans, and guides to help you implement the course into your own hospital. In addition, you'll receive unlimited email access to chat with me and answer any questions you may have. On top of all that, you'll receive over 25 different Excel and Word files to help get you organized and provide numerous different calculators.

If you have any questions, or curious how this course could benefit you, please don't hesitate to contact me or reach out via Facebook.

One Time Investment of

  • Entire Count Me In(ventory) Course
  • Getting Control of Your Inventory Module
  • Setting Up Your Inventory System Module
  • Foundations of Inventory Management Module
  • 50 Page Workbook with Worksheets & Action Plans
  • 20+ Document File Bank for Managing Inventory
  • Unlimited One-on-One Support
  • Facebook Community for Inventory Managers
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