2023 Inventory Managers Wage & Compensation Survey Results

The 2023 Veterinary Inventory Manager’s Wage & Compensation Survey Results are in, and I’m so excited to share them with you! 

You inspired the Inventory Managers Compensation Study! This survey was born out of the question I kept getting, “what should I be getting paid as an inventory manager? Shouldn’t I get a raise for taking on more responsibilities?” After seeing a lack of data and information on wages and compensation for inventory managers and veterinary professionals who are tasked with managing inventory for their practice, this survey was created.

Inventory managers count (and we don’t just mean the boxes on the shelf!). It’s time for you to be recognized as the critical professional that you are, and supported with the resources you need to excel. We’re here to expire shake-the-bottle “training” for good, setting new norms for inventory management education that help you claim your role as a leader in your practice and in our industry.

We believe that managing inventory can (and should!) be fulfilling and rewarding. Cheers to you, my friend!

Thank you to all the inventory managers who participated in this study! Without you, this would not be possible.

Before diving into the results, do you want to travel back in time? Here are the results of the 2020 Veterinary Care Logistic’s Inventory Managers Compensation Study 


The 2023 survey was distributed to members of the Veterinary Inventory Management Group, the Veterinary Inventory Strategy Network, and the Veterinary Care Logistics mailing list. A total of 584 responses were collected from 47 states and Canada.

Within the survey, respondents were asked 13 different questions related to their compensation, benefits, experience, role, responsibilities, and practice demographics in 2023. The survey was completely anonymous, and no identifying information was provided. Throughout the results, the wage and salary information will be compared with different experience levels, roles, and other key demographics.

Veterinary Inventory Manager’s Wage & Salary Survey Results

The average hourly wage across all professionals who manage inventory is $23.68 and the average annual salary is $58,615.94.00. In addition, on average, 51% of their job duties are related to inventory and 16 hours per week are spent managing inventory.

The table below shows the hourly wage and annual salary for the respondents. In addition, the table also displays the average percentage of job duties related to inventory management and the average hours spent per week managing inventory.

Out of the 584 respondents that are tasked with managing inventory, there was a wide variety of job titles that responded. For example, 21.4% of respondents were veterinary technicians, and 34% of respondents were inventory managers.

Inventory Manager Compensation Survey Results 2023

Of the subgroups that responded to the Veterinary Inventory Manager’s Wage & Compensation Survey, there are different salaries or wages for veterinary professionals tasked with managing inventory. For example, the median wage for an operations manager is $22.00 and the median wage for a veterinary assistant is $15.38. The table below demonstrates the median hourly wage across different job titles.

Inventory Manager Compensation Survey 2023

In this study, the median, average, and 25%/75% percentile of hourly wage and annual salary was compared to different factors: years of experience, the number of locations managed, job title, practice type, and location. These factors impacted the compensation of veterinary professionals tasked with managing inventory in various ways.

You can now download the entire 20-page report (completely complimentary!) HERE.
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