Nicole is a True Asset

I have worked extensively with Nicole as she launched Veterinary Care Logistics. I have had the privilege to do multiple seminars and consultations with her. Every interaction has produced a sense of relief from customers whom she has helped realize that inventory is manageable. She is very honest and professional with her approach. She has saved many of my client’s money through decreasing their cost of goods sold. Doing so is not as simple as it may sound, there are many factors to managing COGS and Nicole is able to bundle those factors together for a great result. Nicole stays on top of current trends and industry news so she can apply those to your hospitals’ needs as necessary. She comes prepared with workbooks and resources and leaves you with specific direction and follow through. She is my personal resource for anything inventory and industry practice.

Nicole is a true asset to any clinic who is ready to be efficient, organized and save money and I highly recommend her.

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