Ep. 08 | Supporting Your Team Using Inventory with Kirsten Thorn

In this episode of the Inventory Nation Podcast, I’m delighted to be joined by Kirsten Thorn, the Treatment and Surgery Technician, Inventory and Food Supervisor at Family Pet Clinic.

Kirsten has a diverse background which includes property management and ER training. In addition, she is laser certified, Fear Free certified, and a nutritional advocate. Kirsten began working in the veterinary industry in 2009 after realizing her passion was owning exotic and domestic animals. Growing up with a military father, she’s lived in Hawaii, Georgia and Virginia, and eventually settled in Pennsylvania. Kirsten has a daughter and two granddaughters and loves spending time watching the Philadelphia Eagles and, Sixers, watching Netflix, and going to the beach.


During our conversation, Kirsten shares her advice with other inventory managers: “Get yourself familiar with what your clinic has. You can always talk to your vendors about new things coming in. Get to know your vendors, get to know your software. Also, get to know your technicians and what they need. They are going to be the ones that are really going to help you as to what their needs are and what they are going to run out of… even talk to your doctors. But, get to know your inventory, get to know what you have, and get to know your software.”

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