The step-by-step blueprint for inventory managers needing an immediate dose of knowledge, strategy, and confidence in their inventory.

Inventory 911 Toolkit

Inventory is hard, but it doesn’t have to be.

When it comes to inventory, if you feel like...

You’re barely treading water when it comes to inventory.

You’re spending too much time putting out fires.

In between appointments, you have to race around placing orders.

Imagine having an inventory system where...

You know what to order and when to order it without relying on the “want book.”

Your team is on board and excited to help with inventory.

You have an action plan to know what to focus on next.

You feel in control of your inventory (rather than the other way around!

YES, I Want this!

Your time is too valuable to be spent, going back and forth between fighting fires and scrambling to place an order.

your Toolkit includes...

Bite-sized Lessons

Templates & Resources 

Helpful Scripts

The VISN Community

This is not your average online course. I know your time is valuable AND in short supply, so this entire course is focused on you taking action and making progress in your inventory. 

Course Overview

Inventory 911 Toolkit

Module 01: Evaluation

In this module, we’ll dive deep into how your inventory system is currently functioning and figure out what’s working and what’s not. That way you can begin looking into new possibilities. 

Includes: video lessons, scripts to help get your team on-board, a workbook and  additional resources.

Module 02: Foundation

In this module, you’ll pull back on your inventory to evaluate your system on both a micro and macro level. Then we’ll start creating a solid foundation on which your inventory system can be built. You’re going to get crystal clear on where you’re at and exactly what actions you need to take next.

Includes: video lessons, templates, and a workbook.

Module 03: Strategy

In this module, you’ll set up inventory strategies that are adaptable and customized to your unique practice. We’re going to move away from “want book,” reactive ordering and into a place of strategic, proactive ordering.

Includes: video lessons, an excel template, and a workbook. 


List of (actually) Fun Strategies for Getting Your Team on Board


Library of Helpful Inventory Management Terms & Explanations


How to Enroll

If you're not already a member, you'll get access to the veterinary inventory strategy network (VISN).

If you’re an inventory manager, Veterinary Inventory Strategy Network (VISN) is the place to be. Our FREE one-of-a-kind educational community is the place where 1,300+ inventory managers go to support one another and learn from one another.

All of this for   $841

ONLY $197

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Your Teacher & Coach

Nicole Clausen, CSSGB, CCFP
Owner & Founder of Veterinary Care Logistics

Over the years, I’ve helped hundreds of veterinary professionals just like you establish and develop inventory strategies to reduce their inventory costs, streamline their processes, and reduce their sense of overwhelm.

Our clients include national & regional corporations such as MWI Animal Health and Covetrus, hospital groups, and private veterinary hospitals all across the United States, and I regularly get the opportunity to speak at different industry-sponsored conferences on inventory management.

But my greatest joy comes from watching inventory managers have “light bulb” moments, where they begin to understand their true power and potential. Are you ready to have yours?

Are you ready to finally stop feeling overwhelmed and start managing your inventory from a place of I-can-do-anything confidence? 

so tell me...


Just a few of our trusted clients

- Dr. Stephanie Van Deynze-Snell

The Inventory 911 Toolkit was an easy to digest and comprehensive course that allowed us to look at our current systems with a refreshed lens and more easily identify where to focus, and how to get started making improvements. Nicole and the VISN is an incredible resource to help clarify and troubleshoot as well! We took so much away from this short course and I highly recommend every Inventory Manager and Clinic Owner to take this course!


- Bree Henry

I am so happy that I found the Inventory 911 Toolkit. It is perfect for people like me, new to inventory, or the seasoned pro who is feeling overwhelmed. It helped me to break down our inventory into bite-sized pieces that made accomplishing tasks more manageable. All of this has meant less text messages, for example when we are running out of things or finding empty boxes on the shelf. I feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and am more confident in tackling inventory management. In fact, I am now excited about it and am eager to celebrate my successes, no matter how big or small!


- Devon C.

Nicole has been an amazing help to getting my inventory under control (or at least better than it was!) and has provided a support network and community for inventory and beyond. I’m a brand new practice manager with a newly build practice so I had to learn a lot on the fly. Her community and programs offer so much to help manage the crazy that we deal with in the veterinary industry every day. Nicole is always available to help, or just check in and see how things are going. She just keeps amping up the content and support, I can’t wait to see what comes next.



You’ve got questions? We've got answers!

Are you surprised that I’m going to say – BOTH! 😉

Truly the Inventory 911 Toolkit and the VISN Platinum Group can exist separately, but they do perfectly complement each other.

The Toolkit focuses on quick, actionable wins to put out your “inventory fire” and the VISN Platinum crew focuses on creating a holistic inventory system ecosystem using the proprietary Pathway to Inventory Success.

If you’re already a member of the Veterinary Inventory Strategy Network, you’ll be granted access to the Inventory 911 Toolkit under the “Courses” tab.

If you’re not a member of the VISN community, you’ll create a log-in to the Veterinary Inventory Strategy Network and you’ll get instant access. You can start learning right away!

Nope! I don’t use any confusing jargon or insider inventory language – this course is fully accessible to all skill levels but does follow a beginner roadmap. Why? I know how incredibly frustrating and disheartening it is when your inventory is “on fire” and out of control. Let’s do this the right way, the best way, the first time.

I suggest committing 1-2 hours weekly for 4 weeks. The Inventory 911 Toolkit is a self-study course done completely on your own time. Keep in mind, each weekly module is designed to build upon the lessons from the last. I implore you to learn, absorb, and implement before moving on to the next lesson.

You will have access to the course for as long as it exists. There are no plans for it to expire—if that changes, you’ll have 6 months’ notice beforehand.

Enrollment in the Inventory 911 Toolkit is $197 – and you get access to the course modules + content updates forever!

The Inventory 911 Toolkit is available during “launch week” August 30th - September 3rd, 2021 with juicy bonuses and access to several exclusive workshops -- these won't be offered again though! However, there are a limited number of spots available for the workshops.

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