Ep. 88 | Getting Your Inventory Set Up with Inventory System Deep Dive

This episode introduces the Inventory System Deep Dive, a lifetime playbook for you and your inventory. Engaging and fun, it’s a three-phased online program with evergreen resources, a community of support and all the tools you’ll need to bring real, sustainable order to your practice’s inventory.

You’ll learn about how to set up software support, create management systems and put in place all the necessary guardrails to ensure smooth sailing through all kinds of inevitable growth, change and unexpected hurdles. The veterinary profession has been waiting for exactly this kind of foundational 101 course – and Nicole has set it up in a way that’s user-friendly, self-paced, affordable and accessible whenever you need it for as long as you need it. Most gratifying of all? You’ll come away with newfound confidence and the glow of camaraderie available to everyone who joins the unique network that is Veterinary Care Logistics.

Ready to make waves in your inventory? Click here to join the Inventory System Deep Dive, Nicole’s latest exclusive offering for the inventory management community. Enrollment is open with a special $200 discount available until registration closes at midnight on April 28th.

You can also join the Inventory Strategy Network – our free virtual neighborhood for inventory managers and other veterinary professionals – by visiting this link.



  • It’s Ocean-Themed! Nicole’s Inventory System Deep Dive is for any inventory manager or veterinary professional who has ever awoken in the middle of the night wondering:
    • Did I forget to order something?
    • Are we running out of a medication or missing a critical supply?
    • How can I deal with my management system’s “hot mess” of negative numbers?
    • Can I get out from under all the serial ordering and shipping charges?
    • Is any kind of rhyme or reason even possible in inventory management?
    • What’s wrong with a job that’s interrupting time with my family, creature crew and even a good night’s rest?
  • This Inventory System Deep Dive provides the foundational 101 methodology that Nicole wishes she’d had when she was just starting out!
  • The Inventory Ecosystem is built on six parts that make inventory management feel digestible and manageable.
  • How It Works: Inventory System Deep Dive is set up as a self-paced, affordable, online course that provides a lifetime playbook for your inventory.
  • What You Get:
    • Lifetime access to the entire curriculum.
    • Ongoing updates as technology changes and new systems come online.
    • A community of fellow inventory managers to provide support and camaraderie.
    • A customizable, step-by-step action plan and roadmap.
    • Video tutorials to help guide you through hurdles as well as milestones.
  • About the Program Components:
    • Video lessons, written summaries, examples and other tools to help you check off each milestone you pass throughout the course.
    • A process map and maintenance calendar so your inventory plan can grow and adapt to your practice as it evolves.
    • Worksheets, calculators and other templates to support your new processes.
  • A Three-Phased Approach with 10 Milestones to Achieve Throughout the Course:
    • Phase I: Getting your software set up, accurate and under control, including:
      • Cleaning up your inventory
      • Determining any excessive or outdated products.
      • Creating consistency and order points.
    • Phase II: Setting up systems that facilitate inventory management, including:
      • Forecasting and identifying what’s low.
      • Efficient ordering, receiving and organizing.
      • Strategic pricing, sales and consumption.
      • Optimizing your inventory.
      • Physical and software receiving workflows.
      • Inventory organization best practices.
      • Pricing and tracking your inventory.
      • Creating a cycle count schedule.
      • Prioritizing categories in your inventory.
      • Plus bonus content!
    • Phase III: Sustaining the program you’ve put in place with roadmaps and other tools that establish systems and processes over the long haul.
  • Enrollment Now Open – with $200 off and flexible payment plan options available through April 28th !!


  • “If you’re ready to tame that inventory management beast, this (Deep Dive) course is for you!”
  • “I took all the knowledge I’ve learned over the years and developed what’s called an inventory ecosystem methodology … that breaks down your inventory system into different segments.”
  • “Inventory doesn’t have to take up a ton of time and – especially if you’re wearing multiple hats – the Inventory System Deep Dive will allow you to set up your inventory so you can rock the other areas that you need to in your practice.”
  • “I want you to finally feel confident and empowered with your inventory. It’s really time to kick that feeling that ‘I’ll never get control of my inventory’ to the curb!”
  • “Your new inventory awaits you and I hope you’ll join us if you’ve been struggling.”
  • “If you’re feeling like your inventory is just out of control and you’re ready to tackle it, this course really helps you get it done.”


Hi, I’m Nicole Clausen and I started Veterinary Care Logistics with the dream of changing the way we manage inventory together.

With 14+ years of experience in the veterinary industry, I have worked in several positions from receptionist to operations manager for several different hospitals.

While no two practices are ever just alike, I noticed one common problem: a lack of inventory management and control.

If you are tasked with managing inventory, I understand first-hand the challenges you face.

When I first started managing inventory, I struggled with the same things that many of my client’s experience: a to-do list up my chin and a pretty persistent case of imposter syndrome. But jolting awake in the middle of the night, wondering if you remembered to order rabies vaccines is no way to live.

I knew something had to change.

Veterinary Care Logistics was born out of the demand by several industry leaders to utilize my inventory system as a model throughout the country. Whenever I tell people what I do, I usually get a puzzled reaction: “Why would you want to do that? I hate inventory!” Truthfully, I love the puzzles, the numbers, and the strategies of inventory. But what really sets my soul on fire is creating lightbulb moments.

New clients who often come to me tell me that they feel like they’re drowning or that they think they’re just not cut out for this. Then once we start working together, putting systems in place, there’s always, always an “ah-ha” moment.

And at that moment, a shift occurs. You know exactly what you need to do. Your confidence rises. And the confusion, overwhelm, worry all begin to melt away like a bad, backordered-rabies-vaccine dream.

These are the moments I live for.




Veterinary Care Logistics serves veterinarians and their teams who are frustrated that their current inventory system is not functioning correctly and are facing out of control inventory costs and improperly stocked hospitals. VCL helps veterinarians through inventory analysis, comprehensive step-by-step action plans, and thorough team member training. My clients experience great success and rave about my work because I roll up my sleeves and get dirty working with your hospital to improve your inventory as if it was my own hospital.



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