Ep. 64 | Leading Thriving Veterinary Teams with Josh Vaisman

How can I avoid burnout and get more fulfillment from my career? That’s the golden question these days… Join me in this episode of the Inventory Nation Podcast as I welcome Josh Vaisman, MAPPCP, CCFP, to talk about navigating the challenges and hardships you face as a veterinary professional and how to truly thrive in your career.


Paraphrasing an important concept Josh highlighted, research shows the significant influence that leaders have within an organizational context and while you can’t make your team happy in their work, leaders can impact the factors and variables that make happiness possible. He sheds light on a few emerging leadership behaviors and practices you can implement in your role, such as mattering, as well as the power of experiencing meaningfulness and empowerment in your work (despite the difficulty of it). Josh also emphasizes the importance of delegating, empowering your team to use their voice, and including everyone in defining your workplace culture.


Josh believes all veterinary professionals deserve to feel fulfilled by their work, each and every day. Through his company, Flourish Veterinary Consulting, he combines more than 20 years of veterinary experience, a master’s in applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology, and education in Positive Leadership and Positive Organizational Scholarship and a passion for guiding leaders to cultivate work environments in which people can thrive. Fun fact – Josh is also an avid beekeeper who teaches beginning beekeepers how to tend to their buzzing buddies.

Follow along with Josh:

Visit his website: https://www.flourish.vet

Connect with Flourish Veterinary Consulting on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/flourish-veterinary-consulting

Connect with Josh on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/josh-vaisman-mappcp-pgd-8371877


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