Ep. 62 | Behind the Scenes of Becoming a Certified VIP with Emily Walker

In this episode of the Inventory Nation Podcast, Nicole and Emily Walker, an education consultant and curriculum specialist, walk through the Veterinary Inventory Professional (CVIP) certification program. They discuss the learning journey for the student and more behind the scene details. The VIP certification program opens for enrollment on April 25th.


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Emily Walker is an expert in architecting life-changing online programs. She is known for her unique approach in the course creation industry, blending equal parts learning psychology, intuition and a firm belief in doing things in a way that feels deliciously like you. From best-selling authors to ground-breaking coaches to seven-figure entrepreneurs, Emily has worked with a diverse range of clients in all different industries from all around the globe.

Emily believes that it’s time to burn down the one-size-fits-all strategies and instead fall wildly in love with your deeply original learning experience. After working behind the scenes on over 100 courses, certifications and group programs, Emily knows that the truly life-changing programs are the ones that honor your learners’ journey while infusing every element with your unique magic.

When she’s not cooking up new programs with her clients, Emily can be found hanging out in yoga pants with her two kitties, puppy and her husband, dreaming of leading her next VIP weekend in Paris.


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