Ep. 43 | Large Animal Inventory & Technician Licensure Legislation in Montana with Marcia Cantrell, CVT

In this episode, Marcia and Nicole discuss managing inventory and have some tips for managing in different seasons and types of practices. They also discuss licensing of vet techs, why it is important, and what to expect from a LVT if you are running a clinic.


  • Marcia loved animals as a kid and her first job was as a kennel assistant for a clinic.
  • Marcia got into inventory because of her clinic growing and feeling like she was losing some control as new team members joined.  
  • It takes a lot of time to manage inventory correctly.
  • Managing inventory remotely leans heavily on the re-order points.
  • Large animal order points are seasonal and are difficult to manage.
  • Having a central storage area helps manage inventory.
  • It can be helpful to calculate 2 different order points for seasonal items. One order point for lower use seasons and another for the higher point season.
  • Marcia worked to pass Senate Bill 106 to License Veterinary Technicians
  • Having a strong certification and licensing system does not limit Veterinarians. They still have the authority to tell their employee what they can and cannot do. 
  • Having a properly trained and licensed vet tech can allow a Veterinarian to see more patients in a day.
  • A good vet tech should allow a veterinarian to earn more.
  • A licensed vet tech will be able to work and contribute independently much quicker than a less experienced person.
  • You must look at indirect costs as well as tangible costs when considering hires.
  • Be persistent and educate yourself. Learn from mistakes.


Marcia Cantrell became a LVT in 1995 having passed the VTNE under the Washington State grandfather clause. She mostly worked on the companion animal side until moving to Montana in 1999. When her husband retired from the army, they moved to his childhood home of Livingston, MT to fulfil his life time dream of building a ranch and raising horses. For the past 15 or so years they have been perfecting their breeding program and showing in the cutting ring and having a lot of fun. Marcia is active in Montana’s Big Sky Veterinary Technician Association (BSVTA), as Secretary in 2007, and now as Certification Coordinator since 2014. She also works part time in both a small and large animal practice as inventory manager and Marcia enjoys getting her hands dirty in the field doing cattle work during the busy seasons. She is also a Regional Contact for AAEVT (American Association of Equine Veterinary Technicians)


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