Ep. 28 | Cybersecurity and Protecting Your Veterinary Practice with Clint Latham


In this episode of the Inventory Nation Podcast, Clint talks about data protection and cybersecurity in veterinary hospitals.

We get to hear how he got into Vet Med, the inspiration behind his company’s name, and he elaborates on Ransomware. Clint tells us about some of the larger Ransomware attacks he’s seen and heard of, and we learn that even the IoT (internet of things) is a target.

What are some of the biggest challenges Clint has faced? He gives some advice to mitigate risks, and he shares 5 steps to greater security, all on today’s episode of Inventory Nation Podcast.


  • “Since Covid hit, there’s been a 400% increase in cyberattacks.”
  • “If you really focus on data protection and cybersecurity within your hospital, it has this stability effect and downstream effect on the overall health of your network.”
  • “Most hackers use what we call Social Engineering – they find ways to build trust.”
  • “Get your passwords off that spreadsheet. Stop using the same passwords for everything. Use a password manager.”
  • “Silo your email accounts. I would have a siloed bank account that’s only used for banking… Do not tie that to your primary doctor email account.”
  • “If you’re backing up your practice management system to a hard drive that’s plugged into your server, that’s not backup. If you get hit with ransomware, that hard drive is also going to get hit, so you’ve lost everything.”
  • “Printers sense fear.”


Clint Latham is the Founder of Lucca Veterinary Data Security. His goal is to help uncover the mystery of IT and data security, especially for DVM’s, so that they can focus on providing quality veterinary care. He built a solution that not only provided the best protection, but did so without the high price tag.

Clint holds a BA in Information Technology from the Metropolitan University, and a JD from the Concord School of Law.


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