Ep. 21 | IT & Practice Management Systems for Veterinary Practices with Allen Crist

In this episode of the Inventory Nation Podcast, I am delighted to talk with Allen Crist, the owner at CCWTechnology. Allen is a veterinary IT specialist and works with programs like AviMark, Impromed, Vetastic, and more. CCW Technology offers a wide range of technology services including computer support/repair, virus removal, Data Recovery. He also consults on telecom/VOIP, marketing and branding, website hosting and design, among others.


During our conversation, Allen shares his advice with other veterinary professionals: “first of all, hire an IT company that is familiar with the software that you use. That is huge. Often times, you’ll call the software support and they’ll say it’s an IT problem. IT companies that have experience with that software can say, you know what, that’s absolutely an IT problem, but don’t worry, we know how to fix it. Other times, we can “talk geek”; sometimes software companies can try to pull the wool over your eyes and just try to get you off the phone. If you have an IT company that’s familiar with your software, we can call them on it. We can say no, it’s actually a problem with your software, and here’s why. We can actually “talk geek” with the company and make sure we are partnered with the veterinary client to make them more successful and they don’t have to argue with the software company back and forth about whose problem it is.”


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