5 Things You May Not Know About Me

In honor of Valentine's Day, I wanted to do a silly post! So, without further ado, here are 5 things you probably don't know about me. On the flip side, I would LOVE to know more about you!! Join the fun in our Facebook group, or email me-- tell me your 5 things!

  • I've always wanted to own my own business! Ever since I was younger (I'm talking 7 or 8), I wanted to own my own business. I remember being at my grandparents and "planning" a pet store I was going to open with my cousin. Then a few years later as a child, I remember how I was planning to open an ice cream stand on our street (which was a dead-end, in an extremely quiet neighborhood mind you). I remember writing down the inventory of what ice cream sandwiches I wanted to carry and how much I should sell my products for.
  • I never thought I would have a career in Veterinary medicine. I first started working at a veterinary hospital when I was 16 as a front office associate. I was trained for one day, and then I was let loose on my own (I bet a similar situation for many of you!). I worked at the veterinary office all through high school, all the while I was adamant I wanted to be a human nurse. When I started college, I continued working at a veterinary office, while I started nursing classes. I wasn't happy in the nursing division, so I switched to animal science & livestock management, and it still didn't feel like the right fit. Life happened, and I stopped taking classes at the time, and I transitioned into full time at a veterinary practice and really found my calling; especially when it comes to inventory management and client service! If I wasn't educating others about inventory management, I would be a marine biologist!
  • Great Pyrenees (and any white, fluffy, livestock guardian dog) is my breed! Tank, my oldest, who is featured in most of my marketing materials is my soul dog. I got him when he was 7 weeks old, and he's had my heart ever since. He is the most stubborn, strong willed dog I have ever met in my life, but he's also the biggest lovable goof. So anytime I see a big, white, fluffy dog I go bananas!
  • My favorite thing in the whole wide world is swimming (and Hawaii!) Last year my fiancee took our first ever vacation, and we went to Maui, Hawaii and it was a dream come true! I basically lived in the water or on the beach for the entire trip! My fiancee was a little unsure about swimming in the ocean, but I snorkeled with turtles, saw the cutest eel, pipefish, trigger fish, a barracuda (!! scared the $%!# out of me!), swam within 20 feet of dolphins, parrot fish, and more fish species than I can count! On the last day, we went for a whale watch, and we had a mom and baby humpback follow our boat for over 2 miles (regulations in Hawaii don't allow boat motors to be running within a certain number of feet). They were so close to the boat. But as far as the water goes, it doesn't matter what body of water, if I'm close to it, I'm probably swimming in it! Check out some of the pictures from our trip!

I saw a giant sea turtle swimming while I was snorkeling. Turn up the volume to hear the humpback whales singing and shrimp crackling on the reef.

Footage of snorkeling near Black Rock Beach in Maui, Hawaii. Turn up the sound to hear humpback whales singing in the background and shrimp crackling on the reef.

  • I am a "forever learner", and a bit of a nerd! I LOVE to learn about new things! That's one of my favorite things about owning my business; I've learned how to code my own website, design some marketing materials, plus a gazillion things more. If I could go to school forever (without the student loans or parking issues) it would be a dream! My favorite thing to watch is nature documentaries (especially the ocean ones), and I am still trying to learn more and more. I wish that continuing education conferences weren't such huge financial burden! This year, I am working on becoming a Certified Veterinary Practice Manager, and the Professional in Human Resources certification. After that, I want to go back to school and get my Masters in Business Administration.
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