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Hi! I’m Nicole!

My whole passion and vision behind starting Veterinary Care Logistics was a realization of the underwhelming lack of inventory management training and education. More than anything, I understand how frustrating (and lonely!) it can be. I absolutely LOVE helping you unscramble, de-mystify, and find a standard system that you enjoy! 

These are some of my favorite things:

  • The ocean!!! (or any body of water)
  • Humpback whales; their beauty and grace (and their amazing songs!)
  • Digging in the dirt in my garden
  • Driving my dogs crazy (or the other way around)
  • Camping, and enjoying everything Montana has to offer

With over 10 years in the veterinary industry, I understand the challenges that hospital owners and the inventory team lead may face. I have helped clients from start-ups to large speciality centers… not only that, but I’ve worked in them too. Let’s see how my unique approach will get you back to what you love… your patients. Let’s get coffee or lunch, or just email me, and we’ll talk about your goals.

Inventory Consulting Services


What’s your motto?

It’ll buff out.

Which word do you most overuse?

Literally. Totally. For sure.

Greatest achievement?

Raising my sweet Tank, and starting my own business!

Favorite heroes in real life?

My sister, quite a few wonderful, strong women that have helped & been there along the way.

Last Netflix binge?

About a bazillion ocean & nature documentaries!

Talent you wish you had?

Scuba diving! That’s on the bucket list though!

Greatest regret?

Not visiting my grandpa enough before he passed away.

Favorite Pandora playlists?

I like to play a mix of the Moana soundtrack, Eric Church & Cody Johnson station mix, with a mix of Banks.

Meet Our Team

Nicole Owner Operator

Nicole Clausen


Nicole is the founder and operator of Veterinary Care Logistics LLC. She originally got her start in veterinary medicine in high school as a receptionist, and has since put over 10 years of experience under her belt and is passionate about helping veterinarians and their staff become educated and empowered when it comes to inventory management.

Originally from the Pacific Northwest, she now lives in Belgrade, Montana with her fiancee and 4 fur-babies. She has lived in Montana for almost 10 years. When she is not working, Nicole loves traveling, snorkeling, reading, gardening, swimming, and enjoying all that Montana has to offer.

Tank CEO


Chief Operating Officer

Tank, our senior level Chief Operating Officer is a Bozeman, Montana native and takes his job very seriously. Not only is he in charge of operations, he is head of security.

Tank has no prior work experience, or opposable thumbs, but he brings plenty of sass and dedication to the job. His favorite things include long walks to the OraVet chew isle, avoiding any commands, and being the cutest dog around!


Amelia Budelia

Front Office Associate

Amelia Budelia, orginally named after her great grandfather “Bud”, originates from North Carolina, but has lived in Montana ever since. Amelia’s sweet and friendly demeanor makes her an excellent first point of contact, although she may get distracted at times!

Her favorite activities include swimming in her pool and making the office floors muddy, barking a leaves, and generally trying to rope the wind. Amelia also enjoys bugging her sister and chewing on her head.



Head of Maintenance

Ollie, our head of maintenance department, history is a little unknown. He appears to be rather young, and it’s rumored he had a turbulent past. He has lived in Bozeman, Montana for several years and thoroughly enjoys all that the Gallatin Valley has to offer.

His favorite activities include stealing socks and carrying them everywhere, following the owner around every minute of every day, and howling at sirens. His favorite game is running underneath the bigger associates legs and teasing them.

Lets Get Started!

Interested or excited how Veterinary Care Logistics LLC can revolutionize your practice? Call or email us today to start your complimentary consultation.

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