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Veterinary Inventory Management Consulting

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What should your Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) be—50%? 30%? 20%? How’s everyone else handling all of this? Patient care comes way more naturally to you than the numbers and nuances of inventory, but here you are, trying to lead your practice and make sense of it all. 

How much should you be spending on inventory each year anyway?

That part wasn’t exactly covered in your training, so it makes sense that figuring it all out on your own has you more stressed than a cat in the bath. Managing your practice can feel like a solo expedition, filled with unexpected challenges and way less guidance than you had on your journey to becoming a DVM. There's no set curriculum for building a thriving business, no step-by-step guidebook for juggling the clinical with the commercial, and typically, no one to ask. 

but when it comes to restocking meds, logging them, and predicting demand?

Your vet med program schooled you on the difference between gabapentin and gentamicin, and after years of expert patient care, you know exactly when to use prednisone vs. prednisolone. Check, check, and check. 

Because you’re in this to care for patients, not count pills.

you might be wondering...

...instead of wasted on expired pills!

More revenue freed up to invest in the practice & your patients

...and less time counting cotton balls

More time spent on patient care

Practices that are still relying on hoping someone notices low stock—or are overstocking because it seems safer—are at the mercy of unreliable supply chains, rising costs, and the “want book” that always goes missing. 

The flip side of the coin, though? That’s where it gets good. Really good. 

The new way is taking an active role in actually managing your inventory, and that means:

Because inventory is one of your highest costs, poorly managed inventory gets risky—and expensive—fast. 

The old ways of dealing with inventory don’t cut it anymore.

From audit to action plan, we’re here

...instead of just surviving

More thriving.. can it elaborate?

Optimizing your inventory gets you off the too much/not enough hamster wheel for good. You can (finally!) always have what you need on hand—no more excess, no more waste, and no more running in circles.

Instead of shaking bottles (and letting meds expire on the shelf!), you can use demand forecasting to make the best use of your investment. 

Instead of stocking every item possible, you can stock intentionally and efficiently for your particular patient needs. 

Deciding to proactively manage your inventory opens a whole new world for your practice. 

Decreasing your inventory costs frees up critical cash (even 4% can often save 6 figures annually!) to invest in new equipment, give your team raises, hire much-needed employees, fund more time off... the possibilities are truly endless. But it’s about more than just spending less—it’s also about making the most of your spending. 

Like hundreds of thousands of dollars saved and infinite peace of mind gained. 

Strategic inventory management lets you make data-driven decisions for big benefits

So much of the stress and struggle of inventory comes from trying to figure it out as you go, working your way through the mistakes and inaccuracies of an outdated (and expensive!) practice management system and a chaotic stockroom. 

But inventory management doesn’t have to be a huge source of strain on you or your practice! In fact, it doesn’t need to be a strain at. all.

As your consultant and co-pilot, we’ll help you take a breath, get the lay of the land, and develop a step-by-step plan to build and then sustain systems that actually work for you—while bringing your team along too.

We’ll put the octopus back in the box, one tentacle at a time. 

Streamline your inventory and elevate your practice

We’re your practical, judgment-free partner in inventory

… And you don’t have to love spreadsheets (or get an emergency MBA) to make it all happen. When you call us in as your consultant, partner, and sounding board, you’re making a smart decision to support yourself as a veterinarian, team leader, and a business owner. 





Guided by a fully customized audit, analysis, and action plan, you’ll be able to…



- Sarah C., Industry Rep

"She is very honest and professional with her approach. She has saved many of my clients’ money by decreasing their cost of goods sold, and doing so is not as simple as it may sound. There are many factors to managing COGS, and Nicole is able to bundle those factors together for a great result. 

Nicole stays on top of current trends and industry news so she can apply those to your hospital’s needs as necessary. She comes prepared with workbooks and resources and leaves you with specific directions and follow-through. Nicole is my personal resource for anything inventory and industry practice."

Every interaction with Nicole has produced a sense of relief that inventory is manageable. 


Just because we’re spreadsheet nerds doesn’t mean you have to be. We interpret all of the numbers (kind of like a lab report!) by walking you through a list of recommendations for improvement, specifics on how to make them happen, and a recommended timeline.

Treatment Plan

It all starts with a workup. We’ll lead a thorough analysis of your inventory system, financial information, and several key performance indicators. You sit back and relax while we create reports and graphs that you can easily understand. 


And honestly, it’s not that different from a wellness exam!

Here’s the straightforward process that has saved practices millions of dollars nationwide

You know how you’d never discharge a patient by saying, “Good luck, see you never!”?! We wouldn’t, either. We’ll ensure you have the tools, education, training, and confidence you need to manage inventory from this point forward, with training options customized to your needs and budget. 

Follow Up

- Nicole G., Hospital Owner

"We have a rapidly growing practice and were desperate to have systems in place to make our lives better and improve the practice overall. Nicole was exceptionally helpful and full of knowledge, and I would highly recommend Veterinary Care Logistics. She will definitely make your practice more profitable, as numbers don’t lie."

Nicole got our practice on the right path to have our COGS under 16%.


(*Really. Ask us about the zebras.)

Whether you’re a cats & canine emergency or rural cattle practice, our process will work for you.

Complete Veterinary Inventory Management Consulting

Together, we’ll transform inventory chaos into streamlined systems and cost savings.  We dig deep into your current inventory process (#nojudgment), figure out what’s working (and what’s not), strategize for your high-level goals, start training your staff for implementation, and so much more. 

We serve up accurate, data-informed insights for effective decision-making, ensuring a sustainable, user-friendly inventory strategy that boosts your productivity and profitability.

And by empowering your team with practical skills and newfound confidence, you get to dedicate your time to growth and patient care. 

Let’s connect!

Not sure if the complete process is right for your practice? Curious about in-person or multi-practice options? We’ve got you covered! After you inquire, we’ll help assess your needs and create a proposal completely customized for you. 

It typically lasts about 3-6 months, and is an average investment of $5,000-$7,000. 


We’ll start by conducting a complete analysis of your current inventory to create a clear picture of where you are now and to identify areas of opportunity. Are any items priced lower than the cost? We’ll analyize the margins for each of your items. Do you have too much of an item just sitting around and tying up cash? We’ll identify your top movers and the ones collecting dust… and a whole lot more (we even calculate your order levels!). 

Audit + Analysis

You’ll receive a detailed, step-by-step action plan that itemizes exactly what systems to put in place and what improvements to make—in a manageable, specific order! We’ll review both the analysis and action plan with the inventory team to make sure everyone understands the path forward. 

action plan

We don’t just leave you to it—we stay by your side. After providing your staff with several hours of remote personalized training on your practice management system, we can continue meeting for 3-6 months. You’ll build momentum, implement your action plan, and have support for every question along the way.


The Signature Inventory Consulting Process

- Jordan H., Indianapolis, IN

"I'm so astonished at how she identified an issue with inventory in the veterinary industry and made it her own. She has come up with protocols and policies and has provided so much information on how to fix problems you are having. Nicole is willing to help you work through any issues until they’re resolved, and I am so thankful I found Veterinary Care Logistics."

Nicole offers one on one training that you can’t get from anywhere else. 


Let’s get started!

Together, we’ll uncomplicate inventory, making it simple, sustainable, and fun. 

For decades, inventory management was the elephant in the room within vet med—everyone needed to deal with it, but nobody was training on it. 

After years of wrangling spreadsheets as a CSR and then Inventory Manager in a busy practice, creating inventory systems from scratch, I founded VCL to share those hard-won solutions. Since 2017, we’ve helped thousands of veterinary practices across the country develop customized inventory strategies that allow them to provide a gold-standard level of care while saving money (collectively, 3+ million dollars annually, if you’re counting). 

I’m here to support you with the expert, effective inventory management guidance rooted in the understanding that comes from having walked the walk (and occasionally, tripped over the inventory) myself. You deserve support in making inventory management work for you, because smoother systems and cost savings help you care for your patients and your practice without sacrificing yourself or your team. After all, it’s not just the animals’ well-being that matters—yours does, too. 

(And yes, I literally wrote the book on inventory management for veterinarians.)

& your partner in inventory

i'm nicole clausen, founder of veterinary care logistics

Questions? Creating clarity from complexity is what we do best. 

In short—yes! While inventory systems have similarities, we know that the best strategy for your particular practice and team is entirely tailored to you. ​​​​​​​​Whatever your needs are, we’ll use our 15+ years of vet med experience to help you feel supported, save money, and build systems that work specifically for you.

We recommend having some type of PiMS already in place (even if it’s currently a mess!), and ideally, at least one team member who can participate in this process with you. Otherwise, there are no restrictions! We happily and effectively work with practices of all sizes, cultures, and specialties across the USA, Canada, and beyond. 

Yes! We love working with teams, and we never charge more to have more people involved.

You’re the leader of the practice, but you have a team for a reason. Inventory management is a team sport—it takes everyone working together to keep systems running smoothly. We’ll help you make decisions and delegate so that you, and your employees, can all dedicate yourselves to what you each do best. 

The more, the merrier! We gladly work with multi-location practices. Typically, we’ll audit each location and then train your teams collectively to help you get the most out of your investment. We’re happy to share more about how this works after you inquire!

Yes! Large consolidators often face the biggest problems, but we’ve learned you can also see the biggest benefits. On average, consolidators and practice groups that work with us via group coaching reduce their cost of goods by 5-11 percentage points ‒ and that frequently means a savings of $250,000+ per year per location! 

It’s an option! Our signature process is typically conducted remotely, which helps save you money (and is more efficient and effective than you might think!). But if you’re looking to bring us on site, we’re happy to discuss possibilities after you inquire. 

We love getting specific. Action steps (that we can guide you through step-by-step) often include:

  • Accessing your practice management system (PiMS) to view your setup, flow & organization
  • Identifying data points like your Top 10 items, the top 20% of items that make up 80% of your revenue, and how much you sell of each item within a certain time period
  • Working within your PiMS to set up codes correctly & optimize for inventory management
  • Reviewing reorder points and integrating into your PiMS 
  • Implementing a reorder tag system
  • Spot checking inventory counts, focusing on "A" items
  • Optimizing your software while reviewing sales data and pricing structure 
  • Training your team members 

The action plan we create for you breaks down every recommendation into a granular, step-by-step process, so you’re never left wondering where to start or what to do next. 

We know that your time is precious, and we specifically design our work together to feel manageable. Think about the process like you might approach a 12 year old Yorkie who’s never had a dental before. The first dentistry will probably include quite a few extractions, a gingival flap or two, and a lot of prophy time. But the next dental in six months will take much less time, and by their next dental, it's a breeze. 

You’ll spend more time upfront getting your inventory fixed and set up, but then once you've invested that time and energy, you'll be in maintenance mode. (And because we’re about accountability without the overwhelm, we always break everything down into clear mini-steps along the way.)

From audit to action plan, we’re here—ready to lead the way and cheer you on.  Please get in touch using the form, and we’ll reach out to schedule a time for a consultation!

(Handling Fluffy the anxious shepherd, though? That’s still on you.)

Let’s tame the inventory beast once and for all.

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