Inventory Turnover Calculator Spreadsheet


Calculating Inventory Turnover is a critical metric in monitoring the health of your inventory and veterinary hospital!

Without monitoring turnover, you may be carrying too much inventory on hand, and quickly draining money and profit.

This inventory turnover calculator easily calculates annual & individual product turnover after imputing several details from your practice management software.

To Use:

  1. Purchase & download the Excel file
  2. The file will be immediately delivered to you and ready to use
  3. Input starting inventory value, ending inventory value, and total purchases, and the inventory turnover and average days on the shelf will be calculated for you

Purchase this inventory calculator and help keep track of your veterinary inventory!



This Veterinary Inventory Calculator Spreadsheet downloads in an Excel format, and has formulas in place to easily and quickly calculate annual and individual product turnovers.


  • Instructions
  • Annual Turnover Calculator
  • Individual Turnover Calculator
  • Calculates Inventory Turnover and Average Days on the Shelf
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