Inventory Management Policy & Procedure Manual


Stop constantly “fighting fires” with inventory in your hospital with a Policy & Procedure Manual.

I care about your time, your sanity, and believe that you have such an incredible role in your hospital! I believe you are capable of devoting your time and energy to what really matters most. That’s why I’ve created a 98% done-for-you standard operating procedure manual.

How the Inventory Management Policy & Procedure Manual works:

  1. Download the PDF Guide
  2. Enter several pieces of hospital-specific information
  3. Print, and distribute to your staff all-inclusive inventory management policy & procedure manual

Without policies in place, there are no set expectations and can create chaos and very costly errors. A policy & procedure manual will provide the foundation needed for accountability and efficiency.

Please note, this purchase includes a license for 1 practice. For additional licenses and further use, please contact Nicole at




This downloadable Word document that includes 16 pages including a title page and table of contents. Included as well are the following sections:

  • Inventory Ordering; the vendor and account information, order amounts, price check information, the entire ordering process, and when & how much to order
  • Receiving Inventory; this will contain the proper procedures for receiving orders, protocols for quality assurance, returns, backorders, damaged items.
  • Software Usage, Data Reports, and Invoice Processing; this will include how to receive orders in the practice management system, the best practices for using our software system, the data reports that will be monitored on a routine basis, and the invoice processing procedures
  • Pricing Inventory; this will include how to price items and how to determine item categories
  • Inventory Security & Protection; how to maintain proper security measures to minimize shrinkage, and how to determine the level of protection
  • Online Pharmacy; this section will contain an overview of the online pharmacy, how to submit, place, approve, and reject orders, and the best practices for use
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