It has been quite the busy week here at Veterinary Care Logistics! Springtime is trying to happen, so I’ve been starting tomato and pepper seeds inside, checking the nursery for fruit trees… but picking up dog poop from the winter. Literally the worst job of the year! But, on the actual work side, I have completed numerous ABC analysis over the past week and pointed a number of hospitals in the right direction for improving their inventory. So, I thought to myself what a better way to explain how beneficial a veterinary ABC analysis is than to show you!

I’ve discussed the benefits of a veterinary ABC analysis several times here on the blog, and it’s a frequent discussion in the Facebook Veterinary Inventory Management Group, but I really want to SHOW you how it could benefit your hospital. I made a “mock” ABC analysis; all of the products are real, but the pricing, revenue, and mark up percentages are all made up.

In the video, I’ll go over exactly what is calculated, the different aspects of the analysis, and exactly what everything means for your hospital. If you are interested in having an analysis run, I would be more than happy to help your hospital or, there are several other companies that can perform it as well. In addition, I also offer a more in-depth strategy session that will give you a step-by-step plan for transforming your inventory.

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